Thursday, December 21st

Quick-Open Wrapping, or How I Learned to Love the Rip-Cord

This is awesome... almost makes me wish I didn't wrap everything this year in left over ikea brown paper and drafting graph paper. Perhaps I'll do this next year. Rip Cord gift wrapping
ripcord (18k image)

Paul on 12.21.06 @ 09:31 PM EST [link]

Monday, December 18th

For Grahams named Paul

Here's an interesting concept... I got an e-mail from another Paul Graham over the weekend. It starts like this...

Hello. My name is Paul Graham, and so is yours.

I am writing to you because I think it would be interesting and fun to
list the URLs of all the folk who share our name on my web site -- a
Paul Graham Portal, if you will. An international pantheon of Paul
Grahams! A Paul Graham gathering place. Or perhaps an apauling idea
whose time has come. :-)"


A neat idea, seeing as there were 3 Paul Graham's in Sudbury alone when I first moved here. One has since left, but just last Friday I had someone come up and ask me if I was a different Paul Graham. Apparently he grew up in Sudbury, and is about my age. Anyway, apparently is a very common name, although I've never actually met another Paul Graham, only heard about them.

Paul S Graham's start to the list
Paul on 12.18.06 @ 07:22 AM EST [link]

Wednesday, December 13th

Robotic Mule

This is cool... I really enjoyed watching them kick it.

Paul on 12.13.06 @ 10:26 PM EST [link]

Friday, December 8th

Backwash Experiments

This one is especially for Kate... but its entertainment value is high so I'll share it with everybody.

Our friends* at Cockeyed labs have done another experiment, this time to see if backwash can be prevented and which beverage containers are worse for backwash. They used unsweetened cool-aid crystals to dye their mouth, and conducted a few experiments. The results are interesting, but the commentary is where the real fun lies.


(*Not actually friends, I just stumbled onto his website one day... but it makes for a better into, eh?)
Paul on 12.08.06 @ 03:54 PM EST [link]

Wednesday, December 6th

A global warning...

Find global warming stuff boring? Add some cool music, neat pictures and animations and next thing you know you've got an interesting video.

Paul on 12.06.06 @ 05:26 PM EST [link]

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