Thursday, November 30th

Dangerous Dave

Here's a fun game to play online... The adventures of Dangerous Dave and Brutal Bob Part 1: Mole Surfing

So the object is to hit Dave (the cyclist) with a baseball bat and see how far you can hit him. If he lands on a mole hill they will bump him even further. My top score so far is 1091.1m

danderousdave (42k image)
Paul on 11.30.06 @ 09:32 PM EST [link]

Wednesday, November 29th

4.1 eh?

So that's what woke me up last night...

Sudbury Star article

Earthquake not likely related to mining
Shaking ground woke residents; no damage reported

Star Staff
Local News - Wednesday, November 29, 2006 Updated @ 6:37:13 PM

Many Sudbury residents were disturbed from their slumber early this morning when the earth shook under them.

Earthquakes Canada reports there was a quake measuring 4.1 on the Richter scale, near Lively at 2:22 a.m. The rumbling was felt at least five kilometres from Lively and across the Sudbury region.

Aftershocks were felt at 2:36 a.m. at two on the Richer scale and 2:38 p.m., measuring 3.1 on the scale.

Further details will be available later today on this website.

The quake was felt in the city's south end , from Minnow Lake and Chelmsford. Greater Sudbury Police have not received any reports of significant damage or any injuries.

Workers at Creighton Mine and the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory were instructed not to go underground this morning as the quake was assessed. Inco Ltd. says the quake doesn't appear to be a rock burst or any mining-related activities, although there is regular blasting activity in the area where the quake was felt, said Marcel Vaillancourt, public affairs specialist.

Creighton Mine is located in the immediate area where the quake was detected. Vaillancourt, who lives in Minnow Lake, said he awoke from the quake and thought a truck had plowed into his home.

Earth sciences professor David Pearson said an earthquake measuring 4.1 is not enough to cause significant damage. Pearson said the quake could have been caused by a glacial uplift. "The land here is still rising after the melting of the ice of the last ice age," said the Laurentian University professor. "So it is rising vertically and every now and again ... some of the old fractures slip a bit."

Pearson said there is about one metre of glacial uplift left.

Here's some more info I've found...

Google map of the location

Natural Resources Canada's site has some info here

The US geological survey has a page with some details here
Paul on 11.29.06 @ 07:57 AM EST [link]

'tis the season

Well, I put up my Christmas lights last Sunday... nothing too complicated, that's for sure. Perhaps some day I can do something like this guy (the cool stuff starts about 30 seconds into the video):

Paul on 11.29.06 @ 07:32 AM EST [link]

Wednesday, November 22nd

cycling petition

I don't normally recommend petitions, however I like my bike, and wish it was easier (or remotely safe) to bike to work... I wish the various levels of government made would do something to help this issue... better shoulders on roads, bike lanes, tax incentives, etc.

Anyway, here's a petition for you to do online to ask the government for some incentive to encourage people to cycle to work.

Check the site, read the article, and if you agree with it please sign your name and pass it along.
Paul on 11.22.06 @ 11:51 PM EST [link]

Monday, November 20th

oops, forgot the Disclaimer

Seems I forgot to post the standard disclaimer with my 2006 Christmas wish list.

Subject to change without notice. This is not an exhaustive list, and users are encouraged to use their better judgment when gift shopping. No gift will be refused. Users are advised to consult with one and another to ensure that duplications do not occur. Individual consultations with the owner of this list are available subject to scheduling availability. The contents of this wish list are for your own personal use and are not intended for profit, pirating, bragging. I wish one day that these items will be mine, solely mine, and stay away from them. Ok, maybe I'll share some of them. Perhaps with Kate too. All rights reserved. Reserved are all the rights. Have you seen my rights? Any distribution of this material is done at your own risk. Reading this material indemnifies me from anything and everything including gross negligence, not-so gross negligence, rain storms, sunny days, hurricanes, loud noises, and acts of God. Please keep out of reach of children. Residents of Quebec are excluded from participating (except Colin and Joey). For external use only. Please keep this for income tax purposes. Remove paper before reloading. If rash develops, discontinue use. Do not bleach. Keep hands inside the vehicle at all times. Only you can prevent forest fires. Women and children please proceed to the nearest exit. No substitutions. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is unintentional and purely coincidental. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. Keep away from sunlight, moonlight, twilight and Blue light. Avoid prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light. Please be advised that nothing found here has necessarily been reviewed by people with the expertise required to provide you with complete, accurate or reliable information. Contents under pressure. Printed on unrecycled dead trees and we're proud of it. Not to be combined with other radioisotopes except under the advice of a physician. The truth is out there. No fur-bearing animals were harmed during the creation of this document. Allergy alert: may contain nutmeg, but we doubt it. Return for refund where applicable. Not recommended for persons with sugar-restricted diets. Batteries not included. Lather, rinse, repeat. For details, please contact me at"> or 705-929-1357>
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Friday, November 17th

Christmas wish list

Ok... haven't really done a big list like last year (partly because I only got one item on it). So, instead I'll link to and lee valley wishlists I've created, and the wedding registries Kate and I have made. Ikea, Canadian Tire, Henry's and the Running room are great places to get gift cards if one were so inclined ;)

Lee Valley wish list wish list

Wedding registries:
Mountain Equipment Co-op wishlist

William Ashley

The Bay

Ikea stuff (they don't do official registries, so its on my webpage)

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Check this

Pretty cool editing...

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Monday, November 13th

Why didn't we elect this guy?

J. David Popescu.

This guy is what those classic northern stories are made of. He runs for mayor every year, getting a dozen or so votes. During the 2003 elections he was convicted of assaulting his elderly mother. Here's an article from earlier this year about him. He blames some of the water problems in Ramsey lake on the dragon boat races. Apparently they are evil.

Paul on 11.13.06 @ 10:27 PM EST [link]

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