Monday, November 28th

Winter wonderland

Had a half roll of film that I had to use up this weekend, so I took a bunch of pictures at my Parent's place in the fresh snow. You can check them out here:

Paul on 11.28.05 @ 09:27 PM EST [link]

Wednesday, November 23rd

Wizards of Winter

Well, last Sunday I put up my Christmas lights. I wanted to avoid the hassle of trying to put them up in the snow, and by the sounds of the winter storm warning for tonight, I think my timing was pretty good. Nothing spectatular about my lights, not like these guys... Check out the link below for an amazing musical light show. Very cool stuff...

c9-32009062867.wmv (4948k file)
wizzardsofwinter (23k image)

Link to the orginal host:
Paul on 11.23.05 @ 05:26 PM EST [link]

Monday, November 21st

Toronto Santa Speedo Run

December 10th... run through Yorkville in a speedo... for a good cause. The first annual Santa Speedo run, and sadly I won't be in Toronto that weekend. Anybody out there going to participate? I'd be willing to sponsor someone...

Paul on 11.21.05 @ 07:12 PM EST [link]

Thursday, November 17th

How to find a gift for a self proclaimed Nerd or Geek

I saw this, and just had to post it... because I know Christmas is coming, and I'm not the only geek on your list.
How to find a gift for a self proclaimed Nerd or Geek

Paul on 11.17.05 @ 11:04 AM EST [link]

Wednesday, November 9th

Stupid leaves

Why do my trees have to have so many leaves? This year it took 20 bags to clean up all those stupid leaves. Its been raining every other day up here, so I had been putting it off until the weather got better. Unfortunately the compost pickup is tomorrow, so Matt and I had to get out there tonight and get the job done. About an hour and a half yesterday raking, and an hour for the two of us bagging them. Hopefully they don't enforce the 25 lb max per bag.

My camera is at work, so the poor quality picture is from my webcam.
leaves (17k image)
Paul on 11.09.05 @ 05:12 PM EST [link]

Friday, November 4th

Mike's Tri Adventure

This weekend Mike (my roommate since August) heads out of Sudbury to embark on his 5 month New Zealand adventure. He will be hitting a couple stops on the way there, but the eventual goal is to participate in a training camp (Epic Camp New Zealand) and race in Ironman New Zealand next March. As part of this journey I've set up a website for him to keep people abreast of the details and post pictures. I've been working on it this week, and have most of the bugs worked out... most, not all.

The website can be found at:

Good luck Mike, and be sure to post regularly.

Paul on 11.04.05 @ 02:47 PM EST [link]

Wednesday, November 2nd

9 months...

The training starts now. If all goes well, 9 months from now I'll be attempting to qualify for the world age-group championships. The Canadian qualifer is at the Caledon on the August Long weekend. The top 10 people from each age group will qualify for a spot at the world age group championships in Lausanne Switzerland on September 2nd and 3rd.

It may be a long shot, but it'll serve as motivation during the countless hours of training for the next 9 months. I've been taking it fairly easy for the last 2 months, not really following any specific training plan, but keeping active.

Paul on 11.02.05 @ 10:51 AM EST [link]

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