Friday, October 10th

2008 Toronto Marathon in support of MADD

In just over a week I plan on running in the Toronto international marathon in support of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Since the accident I have asked that people consider donating blood, and now I'm asking that you consider supporting MADD and their mission to stop impaired driving. My goal is to do two things; prevent this from happening again through awareness, and raise money for the organization that exists for that purpose.

From MADD's website:
Report impaired driving. Call 911.

Campaign 911 is a Canada-wide campaign to encourage and empower the Canadian public to report suspected impaired driving by calling 911.

Impaired driving is the #1 cause of criminal death in Canada and, yet, every impaired driving crash is preventable. By calling 911 and reporting suspected impaired drivers to police, all Canadians can play a role in keeping our roads safe and in reducing impaired driving crashes, deaths and injuries.

For more information about Campaign 911, please see MADD Canada's website here. There is literature available on their website that you can share with your family, friends and co-workers. Please help get the word out and make our roads safer.

If you would like to make a pledge to MADD Toronto for my marathon run you can do it two ways;

1. Cash or cheque (payable to MADD Toronto) in person.
2. Donate via paypal (credit or debit) by clicking the button below and entering the amount you would like to donate. No amount is too small, but please feel no obligation to donate.

Tax receipts will be qutomatically issued for pledges of $20 or more.
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Paul on 10.10.08 @ 03:02 PM EST [link]

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