Thursday, October 11th

A little airbrushing

Here's a small project I've been working on over the last little while. I started it a while back, but have been a bit distracted with the upcoming move. An up and coming triathlete (Jordan Bryden) contacted me and asked if I would be able to paint a bike helmet for him. I said sure, and after a bit of discussion he had a helmet shipped to me. I finally finished it last night, and am putting on a bunch of coats of gloss clear coat. Here's a couple pictures of the process:

More pictures can be found here
Paul on 10.11.07 @ 09:39 AM EST [link]

Message in a Bottle

Here's some quotes from an interesting article about bottled water that I'd like to share...

"We're completely thoughtless about handing out $1 for this bottle of water, when there are virtually identical alternatives for free. It's a level of affluence that we just take for granted. What could you do? Put that dollar in a jar on the counter instead, carry a water bottle, and at the end of the month, send all the money to Oxfam or CARE and help someone who has real needs. And you're no worse off."

"We pitch into landfills 38 billion water bottles a year--in excess of $1 billion worth of plastic."

"24% of the bottled water we buy is tap water repackaged by Coke and Pepsi."

"In San Francisco, the municipal water comes from inside Yosemite National Park. It's so good the EPA doesn't require San Francisco to filter it. If you bought and drank a bottle of Evian, you could refill that bottle once a day for 10 years, 5 months, and 21 days with San Francisco tap water before that water would cost $1.35. Put another way, if the water we use at home cost what even cheap bottled water costs, our monthly water bills would run $9,000."

You can read the while article here
Paul on 10.11.07 @ 08:16 AM EST [link]

Monday, October 1st

Its a girl

and I'm an Uncle again... Rachel Ruth Dias was born this afternoon (around 3:30)... that's about all I know for now... mother and daughter are doing well, and hopefully I'll have some pictures tonight.

As Kate mentioned, 7 lbs, 12 ozs, and as you can see from the pictures, a full head of hair.

IMG_7660 (70k image)
IMG_76~1 (43k image)
IMG_7645 (72k image)
IMG_7638 (51k image)

Paul on 10.01.07 @ 03:59 PM EST [link]

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