Monday, October 31st

Happy Halloween

jack (17k image)

In my second year at my house I've hit a new record... 57 kids (last year I had 50). Last year I got a couple pumpkin garbage bags full of leaves, this year I opted for a real one. I bought it a week ago, but left carving it to the last minute (boo to that), so I was in a bit of a rush tonight to carve it. I needed a little help, and employed the handy dandy jig saw. One might have been a little worried that the lack of ground fault might be a problem, seeing as I was cutting through moist pulpy stuff... well, I'm still alive, and the pumpkin turned out really nicely... and fast.
Paul on 10.31.05 @ 08:13 PM EST [link]

Sunday, October 30th

"Lost" as sung by Weird Al

I haven't really been watching this show, but have caught enough episodes to know whats going on. Here's the cast performing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody as sung by Weirld Al.
lost (30k image)

Paul on 10.30.05 @ 10:10 PM EST [link]

Thursday, October 27th

2005 Christmas wish list

Alas, the long awaited, much anticipated 2005 edition of the infamous Christmas Wish list has been published. Please download it by clicking below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Christmas_Wish_List_2005.pdf (99k file)

Paul on 10.27.05 @ 11:19 AM EST [link]

Tuesday, October 25th

Maze Game

Something cool to kill time...

mazegame (31k image)

Paul on 10.25.05 @ 11:17 PM EST [link]

I/O brush

Ok, I realize its been a while since I've posted anything, and even longer since I've posted a link to something neat.

So, here's something cool... the I/O brush. neat video to watch...
Paul on 10.25.05 @ 11:09 PM EST [link]

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