Tuesday, September 15th

What's up with Nickel?

Here's some interesting Nickel graphs from metalprices.com. I think these add a bit of perspective to the current situation (check up to date news at google news). The strike (between the USW and Vale Inco) started on July 13th, and is in its 10th week. You will notice that prices are about where they were 5 years ago, but inventories are at all time highs.

Paul on 09.15.09 @ 09:34 AM EST [link]

Wednesday, September 9th

Drunk Driving Masses

Here's a website I came across a while ago that I'd like to share with those reading my blog. Its stunning the number of stories that these people are able to pull from the media about impaired driving. These are only the tip of the iceberg, as many are only briefly reported in the media, like Kate's crash.

Paul on 09.09.09 @ 12:45 PM EST [link]

Tuesday, September 8th

Tour de France bandit styles

Here's a great prank video... apparently these people are just out for a Sunday ride.

"It's by doing whatever that one becomes whoever"

Paul on 09.08.09 @ 07:32 PM EST [link]

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