Saturday, September 27th

Day 184 (6 Months) - Last regular post

Today marks 6 months since that night that changed everything. There are times that that night still haunts me as if it was yesterday. I know that much time has passed by witnessing the rebuilding Kate and I have progressed through, starting virtually at zero. It is a process that I couldn't have imagined without experiencing it, and it is a process that has changed us all.

In terms of recovery we have been told that the first 6 months are when the most progress happens. This, along with an increasing amount of normality returning to our lives, has led us to reflect on the events that have occured, and the people who were there to support us along the way. We are so thankful for all of the support we have received in all of their forms; Everything from emails and letters from all over the world, cards, flowers, hot meals, visits, phone calls, and especially all of the prayers. When I first posted about the accident on my website I didn't have a clue what I was starting, and how it would play out. While we knew how special Kate was to us, we could not have imagined the extent of her impact on the lives of those around her. We decided that the website would be an effective form of mass communication and that we could balance our sense of privacy with our request for specific prayers. It was only through seeing the responses and number of hits that we were getting that it became apparent how important this tool was. I always tried to keep the balance between how much to say, what to keep private, and how much emotion to show. In the end I tried to keep to the point and stick to the facts as we understood them at the time.

So, with that in mind I feel that it is understandable that this will be our last scheduled post. We are so thankful for everyone's prayers and support. It has been such a blessing for us to know that we have had such strong love and support through these past six months, when we have needed it most. Our hope is that we can pay that forward when someone else is in need.

Kate's recovery has been very significant, and her progress to date has been substantial. As aspects of our lives are returning to normal while moving forward, so will this website. In the past there was very little of substance here, and mostly posts about stuff I was doing or making. I expect that I will periodically post about things related to the accident, but I don't plan on that having to be very often.

Our most sincere thanks,

Kate and Paul Graham
Paul on 09.27.08 @ 11:42 PM EST [link]

Thursday, September 11th

Blood Donations needed

10th_donation (22k image)
I would like to encourage those reading this to continue to donate blood, or consider doing so if you haven't. There are many restrictions on who can donate, and for this reason it is critically important that those who can donate do so as often as possible (minimum of 56 days).

While there were many factors in her recovery, one she could not have done without was the blood donations that had been made. From what I can tell from the medical records, Kate received 10 units of blood during surgery alone, 17 units of blood in total plus other blood products like plasma and platelets.

I really dislike needles, and giving blood is not a glamorous thing, however I am more motivated than ever to donate because I can see how critical it was to Kate's survival. I am forever grateful for those who donated the blood Kate received and I am showing my thanks by paying it forward and donating as often as possible.

The picture above is a pin that Canada Blood Services gives after you make your 10th donation. Yesterday I made my 10th donation, 3rd since the accident.

Canada blood services has a program called "Partners for Life" that allows you to have your donation counted in someone's honour. If you would like to donate in Kate's honour you can sign up online here. Kate's Partner For Life ID# is INSU009157, partner name is "In Support of Kate Graham". If you go to a clinic and would like to donate in her honour, please mention it when you sign up and they can provide you with the appropriate information.
Paul on 09.11.08 @ 11:28 PM EST [link]

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