Wednesday, September 19th


As of September 14th 2007 I can officially call myself a Professional Engineer. I submitted my paperwork at the beginning of the summer and just heard tonight that it was approved. It's been a long journey that started almost exactly 9 years ago (when I started engineering at U of T), and I'm glad that I've reached this milestone in my career. For those who don't know, in order to call yourself a professional engineer you must hold a license. In order to get that license in Ontario you must;
- be at least 18 years old;
- be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada;
- be of good character;
- meet Education Standards established by PEO;
- meet engineering Experience Requirements ; and
- pass the Professional Practice Exam (PPE) on engineering law and ethics.

Now I have to order my seal... and arrange to get my certificate.

Paul on 09.19.07 @ 08:20 PM EST [link]

Thursday, September 6th

Bye Geek Mobile

Well, I can say that I definitely got my money's worth with my old car. My first car in fact. Here's a picture of my 1996 Ford escort wagon when I dropped it off at the auto wrecker's last Saturday. It was at the point of needing more repairs then it was worth. The 'needs repair' list included: speedometer broken since last winter, heater core leaks so was bypassed (therefore no heat or defrost), windshield had growing cracks for the last couple years, 'check engine' light has been on for a couple years, tires required air every time I filled up on gas, bad tires, non-functioning parking brake and a leaking radiator (small leak when it gets cold out). We have upgraded to a 2000 Honda Accord, which is a much nicer ride.

Paul on 09.06.07 @ 04:40 PM EST [link]

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