Wednesday, September 20th

Tomorrow's garbage day

bear2 (34k image)

So, I'm sitting on the couch around 10pm when Mike runs in the door and says that there's a bear in the yard. So I jump up grab my camera and run out to see what's up. We go around the corner and see the bear two houses down... I snapped a couple bad shots, and ran inside to get a bigger lens in hopes that I would be able to get a better shot. When I got back out buddy was down the road. As he was crossing I got the top picture... its the only cool shot I got before he disappeared into someone's back yard. I walked back to find Mike on the phone with animal control. Apparently it's not high on their priority list... they told him that they'd look into it in the morning. We walked around a bit more, but didn't see it again. Someone's dog was barking like crazy, so we knocked on the door to warn them that yappy might become dinner. They were grateful.

I never thought my closest encounter with a bear would be on my street. Well, I guess it is garbage day tomorrow.

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Paul on 09.20.06 @ 10:22 PM EST [link]

Picture Cloud

Found this cool site that allows you to upload photos to make a 3d view. Kind of like a 360 view... anyway, thought it was neat, so I tried it out with some photos I took while on Silver Peak a couple weeks ago...

killarney by

Paul on 09.20.06 @ 08:56 PM EST [link]

Tuesday, September 5th

Big news

So, this probably doesn't come as a surprise to most people, but shortly after our trip to Belize with a group from my church, Kate and I got engaged. Readers digest version: I proposed to Kate on Silver peak while wearing my Kilt. She was surprised, it was great, our families are thrilled, and we're thinking of a February wedding. Click more for the long version.

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Some more pictures can be found HERE

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