Wednesday, August 27th

Day 153 (5 months)

Its hard to believe another month has passed. It seems like we are in some sort of limbo where time has little meaning. The summer has almost passed, and its as if it never happened. Our schedule has been very busy with going to the gym, appointments and trying to find a house. While we are facing many new challenges in things that were once normal, we are able to celebrate many small victories along the way. Kate doesn't need her cane now, and is able to get by without it as long as we pace ourselves and take rests. We have even enjoyed a few leisurely bike rides (leisurely for me, it was hard work for Kate) around the neighbourhood, and managed to fit in our annual visit to see Shakespeare at High Park.

We have had many ups and downs. One thing that has particularly affected us is that almost two weeks ago an old friend of Kate's from youth group and former neighbour was in a car accident. He was taken straight to Hamilton General Hospital and has been in the ICU since the accident. He is in a coma and has not shown significant improvement yet. This has struck very close to home for us, bringing back some of the memories of the days immediately following Kate's accident. Bringing it even closer to home is that he is in the exact same bed Kate was in for most of her time in the ICU. In reality the situations are extremely different, but our recent experience has given us a new depth of understanding to what that family is experiencing. They need your prayer, please pray for them.

Looking forward to things coming up we have the big Neuro-psychological exam in late September. This exam is meant to pinpoint any left over effects of the traumatic brain injury and help determine what sorts of treatment would help. Also Kate is hoping to get back into a classroom soon, with the eventual goal of finishing her degree. Please keep Kate in your prayers as we progress through these next stages.
Paul on 08.27.08 @ 11:57 PM EST [link]

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