Wednesday, August 29th

Miss South Carolina

You go girl... just keep talking. Good thing they didn't get out a map and ask her to point out the States on it.

Paul on 08.29.07 @ 10:10 PM EST [link]

Sunday, August 26th

6 months

On Friday Kate and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary... a lot has changed for us in the first half a year of marriage, and now its time for us to start a new phase. Kate is starting teacher's college and I've got a temporary transfer with work. So in a little while it'll be good bye to Sudbury (for now) and hello southern Ontario.
Paul on 08.26.07 @ 04:14 PM EST [link]

Friday, August 24th

Not your standard summer camp

How about a week at Camp adventure camp for kids.

Read more here
Paul on 08.24.07 @ 11:01 AM EST [link]

Tuesday, August 7th

Yes its official, its over

Yes, its official, I am no longer collecting T-shirts. Over the past 14 years or so I have been collecting t-shirts from all sorts of places. Yesterday I said good-bye to 200 shirts that had been sitting in boxes in the basement, thus officially ending the collection. Almost all of them had been free shirts from various events that I have attended, and as a result were mostly XL. Anyway, I thought I'd announce that to the internets, and those who might remember my collection from back in the day.
Paul on 08.07.07 @ 09:05 AM EST [link]

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