Monday, July 28th

Day 123 (Weekly update)

Well, another week has passed and there isn't too much new information to pass along. I think the last couple of weeks have been like this, and as a result Kate and I have decided to make these postings monthly from now on. Yesterday was 4 months since the accident, so it seems fitting to move to a monthly schedule now. Unless anything big comes up, our next post will be in one month, on or around August 27th. In that time we expect to continue a similar schedule of therapy, appointments, and exercises.

Thank you to everybody for you continued notes, emails, phone calls, visits and prayers. Kate and I are very thankful for all of the support that we have had over the past 4 months. We know that her progress and positive attitude have a lot to do with that support. Please keep Kate and I in your prayers as we make our way through the daily hurdles.
Paul on 07.28.08 @ 11:30 PM EST [link]

Monday, July 21st

Day 116 (Weekly update)

As with each previous entry I can still say that we are making progress. I feel like a broken record saying that, and adding that we have a long way to go. Its hard to explain to people what that means, and its even hard for us to understand, but that's how these things go. Kate's injuries and resulting time in a hospital bed mean that she has a lot of muscle to build back. This in addition to the surgeries needed, fractures, head injuries, strains, and sprains caused by the accident mean that it takes the body a long time to recover. Kate is putting in a heroic effort despite the aches, pains and frustrations, and has her progress thus far to show for it.

Please continue to pray for us that we continue to make progress.
Paul on 07.21.08 @ 10:50 PM EST [link]

Monday, July 14th

Day 109 (weekly update)

Another week has flown by. The big news for us is that we sold our house in Sudbury. So, many changes are on the horizon but it is good to have that settled.

Kate's recovery is continuing to make steps in the right direction. A new addition to Kate's team is an occupational therapist that will be meeting with Kate regularly. Her role will be in helping Kate regain her independence in everyday tasks and identifying areas that need attention.

Please continue to pray for Kate as she continues her recovery. She is working very hard and is extremely motivated, however is still facing many challenges day to day. Your prayers for us are greatly appreciated.
Paul on 07.14.08 @ 09:41 PM EST [link]

Monday, July 7th

Day 102 (weekly update)

Another week, and we're continuing along in the same direction as always; small improvements as a result of a lot of hard work and determination. Kate is feeling various aches and pains as she is regaining her strength and moving around more, but hopefully these will settle over time.

Today we paid a short visit to Westpark, the rehab facility Kate stayed at after her leaving the hospital. We had a follow up appointment with one of the doctors there to see how Kate was doing and make sure the next steps were being taken. It was a big reminder for me how far Kate has come since staying there, but also a reminder of the long road ahead.

Please pray for Kate's continued recovery. The day to day efforts that are required to push herself can be very hard and building strength is a long process that requires consistency among other things. We appreciate all the prayers and would ask that they continue.
Paul on 07.07.08 @ 11:40 PM EST [link]

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