Tuesday, July 31st

Harry Potter Spoiler T-shirt

Check this out... (spoiler alert)

Now I don't need to read the books because I know how it'll end.

Brought to you by the folks at The Harry Potter Public Enlightenment Project
Paul on 07.31.07 @ 01:29 PM EST [link]

Monday, July 30th

Congrats Mike and Cheryl

Congrats to Mike and Cheryl Hodgson with the birth Adeline Clare Hodgson on July 29th.

Some of the Mini-Yo-We alumni might remember her as "Peanut" in the summer of '98. I wonder if Adeline have the same chipmunk killer instincts as her mother.
Paul on 07.30.07 @ 01:07 PM EST [link]

M&M's wedding

Here's a couple pictures from Magda's wedding last weekend. Magda is an old friend from U of T engineering.

Ian, Neil, Gord, Steve, me, Magda, Kirsten, Vicki and Julia

Kate and I at Magda's wedding

A few more pictures can be found here.
Paul on 07.30.07 @ 09:41 AM EST [link]

Friday, July 20th

So Jealous

Kate's bro Joe just left this voice message for us... from France... while watching the Tour de France. I'm so jealous.
Paul on 07.20.07 @ 07:15 AM EST [link]

Tuesday, July 17th

Sudbury Dragon Boat 2007

dragon_1 (35k image)

Another weekend, another sport. Kate and I paddled for the Anmar dragons in last weekend's dragon boat festival. It was a terribly misurable day, but we still managed to win the industrial team catagory and finish second in the div 1 consolation finals. We finished 7th overall in the recreational catagory.

Full results can be found here [sudburydragonboats.org]

More pictures here
Paul on 07.17.07 @ 02:58 PM EST [link]

Wednesday, July 11th

Killarney trip indepth

More pictures plus google maps of our route.

A whole lot more pictures have been added to the gallery here

And I've found a cool new tool on google maps that allows me to show the trip on that. There are some notes you can click on, and even links to pictures that are in the gallery. You can check that out here
gmap_route (15k image)

Paul on 07.11.07 @ 02:40 PM EST [link]

Tuesday, July 10th

Killarney Canoe trip

The Graham's in Killarney

Kate and I finally went on our 1st canoe trip together. Our weekends have been pretty busy, and finding time to make a trip like this has been hard, but we were able to pull it off this last weekend. I'll have to post more details about the trip later (including maps and camp sites), but for now I'll keep it brief and post a couple pictures...

We started at Carlyle Lake Road, through Johnny Lake, Clear Sliver Lake, David Lake, Balsam Lake, 3 mile Lake, Bell Lake, back to Johnny and finally back to Carlyle where our car was parked. Then we went to the town of Killarney for some world famous fish and chips from Herbert Fisheries.

More pictures here (only a few for now... more will be added later).

Paul on 07.10.07 @ 10:07 AM EST [link]

Friday, July 6th


Wow. I don't normally do reviews, but I have to say that I was pretty impressed with the new transformers movie. Don't get me wrong, its a summer block buster with tons of special effects, so the plot and charactor development isn't much deeper then a puddle. I was expecting lots of cool transformers doing cool transformer things, and there was plenty of that. What did catch me by surprise was the humour. For once I felt like they actually made teenagers do and say teenager type of things. Anyway, fun movie, great effects, and I for one am looking forward to the sequal.

Optimash Prime
Paul on 07.06.07 @ 08:24 AM EST [link]

Tuesday, July 3rd

Cottage Pictures

Better late then never, right? I finally posted pictures last night from the weekend at the cottage back in June. You can check them out here.

Aren't my Niece and Nephews the cutest?

Paul on 07.03.07 @ 01:29 PM EST [link]

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