Tuesday, July 12th

Peterborough 1/2 Ironman

2km swim, 90km bike, 21.1km run. Crazy? Perhaps if you did them one after another without any sort of break. Oh, and people pay good money to do this. Well, Sunday July 10th 2005 I joined the ranks of 1/2 Ironman finishers on a sweltering hot day in Peterborough. At 8:00 in the morning myself and 545 perfect strangers went for a 2km swim, followed by a 90km bike, and wrapped up the day with a 1/2 marathon run. 5 hours, 19 minutes and 54 seconds was the time it took me to finish, placing me 7th out of 24 in my age group, 104th out of the 496 people who finished the race. This was the race I was working towards all year, and it went really well. My training paid off, and the distance wasn't as hard as I would have thought going into it. The biggest challenge of the day was the heat, with temperatures around 31 degrees with no shade during the run.

My splits were:
33:29 (2000m swim, 1:41/100m)
T1 1:39
2:46:59 (90km bike, 32.3 km/h)
T2 1:28
1:56:20 (21.1 km run, 5:31/km)

5:19:54, 7/24 men 25-29, 104/496 overall

Full results can be found here.

peter_swim (41k image)
peter_bike (34k image)
Paul on 07.12.05 @ 12:09 AM EST [link]

Friday, July 8th

New furniture

Ok, so I broke down and bought a bedroom set. I had originally intended to build my own, but I am beginning to realize that I might be waiting years before that happens. So, now my bedroom looks pretty decent, and hopefully I'll feel obliged to keep it clean. I'll probably have to do some decorating as well.

Paul on 07.08.05 @ 10:52 AM EST [link]

Monday, July 4th

North Bay Triathlon

Sunday July 3rd, my second attempt at the North Bay Triathlon. Last year I had a bit of an accident on the bike that left me with this gravity tattoo. This year I set out with two goals... improve my time from last year, and keep all my skin intact.

At the end of the day I was mostly successful. Coming off my bike and transitioning to the run I managed to cut my big toe on my right foot. Not a big deal, but I guess it wouldn't be North Bay Tri without a little blood. I finished in 1:56:53, 15th overall, 3/6 in my age group. That was an improvement of almost 21 minutes (20:39) from last year, which had the same course.

My splits were:
16:32 (1000m swim + T1, 1:40/100m)
1:02:58 (32km bike + T2, 30.5km/h)
37:24 (8km run, 4:41/km)

Full results can be found here [sportstats.ca]
Paul on 07.04.05 @ 09:44 AM EST [link]

Saturday, July 2nd

Firecracker 5k running race

firecracker5k (30k image)

Yesterday (July 1st) was the annual Firecracker 5k running race in Lively. Last year it was my first running race ever, and I posted a time of 21:25. This year I set out to break the 20 minute mark, based on the theory that my triathlon training would inprove my running speed. Well, thankfully I was right, and all this crazy training I'm doing is paying off. I managed to pull off a time of 19:42. Boy did that hurt. And from what I hear, getting faster means it hurts more. Something to look forward to I suppose. Tomorrow (July 3rd) is the North Bay triathlon... hopefully I won't wipe out like I did last year.

Full results of the firecracker 5k can be found here [www.sudburyrocks.ca]
Paul on 07.02.05 @ 10:56 PM EST [link]

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