Monday, June 30th

Day 95 (weekly update)

Today was a good day for us, as we returned a bunch of the aids Kate has required at home since her discharge from rehab. Items like her wheel chair we were happy to see taken away. While the assessments, physio, and appointments are continuing it has been a psychological boost for Kate to say good-bye to some of the fixtures she required.

Each day brings its own successes and challenges, and we ask that you continue to pray for Kate's recovery. We thank you again for all your prayers and well wishes.
Paul on 06.30.08 @ 10:54 PM EST [link]

Monday, June 23rd

Day 88 (weekly update)

In a few more days the three month anniversary will come and go. I'm not really sure what it will be like to have that date pass. Our days are filled by a never ending list of appointments with doctors, specialists, and therapists. Kate's progress is continuing in the right direction, however it can still be hard to keep sight of that when dealing with the daily challenges.

We ask that prayers continue for Kate's recovery. We are so thankful for the prayers, love, support, and well wishes received so far. It has been great to have those to lean on when the times are tough, and we ask that that support continue.
Paul on 06.23.08 @ 10:37 PM EST [link]

Monday, June 16th

Day 81 (Weekly update)

As Kate is making progress, particularly with her walking, we are finding that the casual observer is less aware of the very real challenges she is still facing. Having no previous experiences with these sorts injuries I don't think I would have understood how difficult it still could be. Kate's physiotherapy is making progress, however we are still a long way away from reaching the abilities Kate had prior to the accident. I find myself amazed at how many abilities I have taken for granted, but that Kate will have to continue to work very hard at in hopes of regaining.

With each day Kate is making progress, however the reality of it is that she is still facing some very serious problems. Some of those are expected and reoccurring, but others have surprised us. We ask for prayers as we continue on this road. While this is taking longer than any of us would like, we are trying to focus on the positive. Those of you know who know Kate, and are aware of the size of her determination, would not be surprised by the hard work and positive attitude she is pouring into her recovery. We ask for continued prayers in this regard as even the largest steps forward can at times be overshadowed by the challenges ahead.

Today was a special day in that we were able to celebrate Kate's 26th birthday. We are very thankful for all of your prayers, and ask that they continue.
Paul on 06.16.08 @ 11:23 PM EST [link]

Monday, June 9th

Day 74 (weekly update)

Another week has passed, and I feel as though I could copy and paste last week's post. We are continuing along the same path, and Kate is talking to and meeting with more of her friends. Our appointments still continue to take up the majority of our days, but now its mostly therapy instead of follow-up ones.

We were able to attend what would have been Kate's grad last Thursday. It was a bitter-sweet occasion because Kate was so happy for her classmates, but it also served as a reminder of one of the things this accident has taken away. It was a disappointment for Kate to miss graduating with her classmates, however the school has made accommodation's for Kate, and they will allow her to finish her remaining requirements when she is able.

In addition to the grad we have been able to attend a few weddings. While they have been challenging, they have also helped lift Kate's spirits in sharing those experiences with her friends.

We ask that the prayers continue in the physical and emotional healing. Kate is a very determined person, and we are seeing progress, however it is at times overwhelming and determination alone is not enough.

I finish this week's post with a picture of Kate and I that was taken recently. It is our hope that in seeing this you will keep Kate in your prayers.

Paul on 06.09.08 @ 10:35 PM EST [link]

Monday, June 2nd

Day 67 (weekly update)

Another week, and continuing in the right direction, albeit slowly. The news we keep hearing is that things are progressing very well considering the initial injuries, and that its only been two months. While this is meant to be encouraging news, it is still quite hard to take as it is usually followed by how long it takes for the brain and body to recover.

Physiotherapy is continuing and we are seeing positive progress there. Each visit it seems like something is improving which helps Kate's moral. Please continue to pray for the physical healing that is happening with the help of the physiotherapy. Please also continue to pray for the emotional challenges we are facing. An event as significant as this has far reaching consequences that touch every aspect of one's life. Please pray for strength and healing in every area.
Paul on 06.02.08 @ 10:37 PM EST [link]

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