Wednesday, June 20th

Muskoka Tri 2007

This year I had a slightly larger fan base for the Muskoka tri...

Sign (56k image)

A big thanks goes out to James for making that sign. He's the one on the left of the picture... I'm holding Aaron and Chloe.

More pictures here

Anyway, the race went a bit better then Milton. My swim time was definately slower then I'd like (not sure what went wrong there), and there is plenty of room for improvement on the bike. My run was better, and actually didn't feel that bad. Overall it felt better then Milton, and if I keep training I should be able to steadly improve over the summer.

My results were:
750m swim 16:79 (2:15/100m)
T1: 1:26
20km bike 37:18 (32.2km/h)
T2: 0:57
5 km run 23:57 (4:48/km)
Total 1:20:24, 86th overall, 8/26 M25-29
Full Results here
Paul on 06.20.07 @ 03:08 PM EST [link]

Wednesday, June 6th

Milton Triathlon 2007

Here's a couple pictures from the Milton Triathlon 2007. More can be found here. This was my 4th year doing this race, and seeing as my training was been sidetracked for most of the winter I'm pretty happy with the result.
milton07_swim (27k image)

milton07_bike (33k image)

milton07_finish (30k image)

My results were:
750m swim 13:49 (1:51/100m)
T1: 1:19
30km bike 55:50 (32.2km/h)
T2: 1:02
7.5 km run 38:46 (5:11/km)
Total 1:50:44, 258th overall, 25/34 M25-29
Full Results here

Paul on 06.06.07 @ 09:41 AM EST [link]

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