Sunday, June 25th

Sudbury Star

So, at last Thursday's cycling club practice a Sudbury Star photographer was taking pictures... turns out a picture of Bill and I doing intervals was used for the front page of the Sports section in the Saturday edition of the paper.
small_sudbury_star (47k image)

The club also had a race on Saturday at the cycling track. It was a 40km race with three divisions (A, B and Womens). I was in the "B" division and placed 4th in our group. Some pictures from that event can be found in the cycling club photo gallery here
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Thursday, June 22nd

I'm just finishing up a new website for a pro triathlete in the area... Brent Poulsen. He's just finishd up his degree at Laurentian, and contacted me about doing a website. There are still some small areas to fix up, but for the most part it is up and running. Feel free to check it out below.

brentpoulsendotcom (30k image)
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Tuesday, June 20th

Muskoka weekend pictures

I've added a gallery of pictures from the weekend... I was able to get a bunch from watching the sprint on Saturday, and Kate was able to get a few more from the finish line on Sunday. I've only uploaded low resolution ones, but if you'd like a high quality one let me know and I can e-mail it to you.

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Monday, June 19th

Muskoka Triathlon '06

What a day. I thought Peterborough was hot last year, but this seemed worse.

The day started off fairly well, and the weather looked like it would be decent. I had a hard time finding a good group to swim with, so perhaps that was a little slower than it could have been. Out onto the bike, and things were going well... although I was puzzled at first by all the people from various age-groups that I was passing. After a while I figured out that they were duathlon people, and had started earlier than last year. For the most part I felt that I had a great bike ride. I was very happy to pull into T2 without any troubles, as I had last year (had a flat tire with 5k to go).

Going out onto the run I could tell it was a hot day, so I grabbed what was left of the gatorade bottle on my bike, and tried to drink as much of that as I could on my way out of the transition area. Running out I could feel the effects of being on the bike for almost an hour and 40 minutes. I hoped this would pass, and that things would loosen up and I could pick up the pace on the run. Unfortunately this wasn't the case, and the 15k run was fairly painful. I tried walking to see if my abs would loosen up, but nothing seemed to work. For the most part I was able to run at a slow pace and walk though the aid stations to take in fluids. The heat was unreal, and the cold water at the aid stations only provided a brief relief. Perhaps the worst part of the whole run was the final downhill. Even though I only had to coast to the line, my body was still revolting against me. After crossing the line and getting some ice to put inside my race suit I met up with Kate and her family who had come out to watch the finish. It took me a while to get going, and had felt like I was going to throw-up. After a nice shower and some food, and lots of fluids things started to feel a bit better.

musk_06_finish (18k image)

At the end of the day my time was slower than last year, however so was everybody else, so I actually placed at a higher percentile of my age group. Last year I placed 27/34 (21st percentile), this year I was 31/57 (46th percentile). My swim was approximately the same, my bike was 8 minutes faster, however last year I had to change a flat (approx 6 min), and my run was 15 minutes slower.

My results were:
2000m swim 35:55 (1:48/100m)
T1: 1:24
55km bike 1:37:26 (33.9km/h)
T2: 0:48
15 km run 1:23:03 (5:33/km)
Total 3:38:33, 268th overall, 31/57 M25-29
Full Results here

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Friday, June 16th

Tri club Swim and run event

Meant to post this earlier... Anyway, Wednesday the Nickel City Triathlon Team put on a small Swim and run event at Nepahwin beach. I didn't take part, so I brought my camera out and took a bunch of pictures. Some of those can be found here.

Here's a couple of them...

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Monday, June 5th

Milton Triathlon 2006

miton06swim (35k image)

Yesterday it went back to where we all started. There was quite the crew of us from Sudbury for what turned out to be a great day (it had been threatening rain). My race went well, although I lost my watch (and iron ring) about 200m into the swim. After that I didn't have my heart rate, which I use as a pacing guide on the bike and run. Anyway, without the watch I was racing by feel, which proved to be harder than I thought. I had no idea how I was doing coming into the second transition, but could see by the number of bikes on the rack that it wasn't the greatest. Out onto the run my I didn't find my legs until about 2km in, but once I did find them the pace picked up fairly well. In the end I ran out of time chasing people down, and am looking forward to the long course in Muskoka to be able to do that.

There were some great battles on the course... the most notable was the pro women, who ended up with a sprint finish (there's a great photo in my gallery of that). Mike Hay and Mike Coughlin were battling it out in T2, and a number of the top men spent the better part of the day jockeying for position.

My results were:
750m swim 13:06 (1:45/100m)
T1: 1:18
30km bike 52:55 (34km/h)
T2: 0:50
7.5 km run 34:37 (4:37/km)
Total 1:42:45, 124th overall, 19/47 M25-29
Full Results here

More photos here (thanks to Kate for taking some fantastic race pictures).

milton06finish (21k image)
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Friday, June 2nd

Flying tour of Sudbury

Last night Kate and I had the privledge of taking a flying tour of Sudbury courtesy of Tim Christie. Tim took us up in a Cessna 172 for a nice 45 minute tour of the area. It was my first time in a small aircraft, but a blast from the past for Kate from her Air Cadet days.

I was able to snap quite a few pictures, but it was a hazy day, so some didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. A larger selection of them can be found here

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Thursday, June 1st

Playing with my new zoom lens

I went over the cycling track last night during the Tri club's regualr practice to play around with my new zoom lens. I was able to get some nice pictures, and uploaded a few of them to the tri club's website. They can be found here

Paul on 06.01.06 @ 09:22 AM EST [link]

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