Tuesday, June 21st

Muskoka Long Course Triathlon

This past Sunday was the much anticipated Muskoka long course Triathlon. Last year the short course (750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run) was my 2nd triathlon. This year I did the long course (2km swim, 55km bike, 15km run) to test out my training for the potential 1/2 ironman I'm looking to do on July 10th. Overall I had a great day, minus a flat tire with 4k left on the bike. I figure I lost about 6 minutes changing the tube, which would improved my placing by about 7 spots in my age group.

My overall time was 3:30:41, placing me 252th out of 654 finishers, 27/34 in my age group. My splits were:
35:08 swim (1:46/100m)
1:13 T1
1:45:26 bike (31.3km/h)
0:53 T2
1:08:04 run (4:33/km)

There was a large showing of people from Sudbury, whose results can be found at http://www.sudburyrocks.ca/Results/Muskoka/Muskoka2.htm

Full results for the race can be found here.

musk_long (27k image)
Paul on 06.21.05 @ 04:04 PM EST [link]

Monday, June 6th

Milton Triathlon

Sunday June 5th was the first Triathlon of the season for me. A true test of the training I've been doing all winter and spring. Overall it was a great day, and I'm quite happy with my results. I placed 13th out of 37 in my age group (men 25-29), and 116th out of 460 overall. The 2004 Milton Triathlon was my first ever Triathlon, and one year later I feel like I've come a long way. I was about 11 minutes faster and up from 27/34 in my age group and 277/424 overall.

My splits were:
13:05 (750m swim) 1:45/100m
1:09 (transition 1)
53:38 (30 km bike) 33.6 km/hr
0:54 (transition 2)
36:38 (7.5 km run) 4:53 min/km
total time: 1:45:22

Full results are here.

milton2005 (72k image)
Paul on 06.06.05 @ 10:49 PM EST [link]

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