Wednesday, May 30th

reverse photoshop

Some of you might remember that dove commercial that mades its rounds last November. Here's a great parody illustrating that photoshop can be used to make people ugly too...

Paul on 05.30.07 @ 09:53 AM EST [link]

Monday, May 28th


Kate and I joined a mixed soccer team and had our first game last night. Great fun, and in to signify that event, here's some mad soccer skills from Mr. Woo

Paul on 05.28.07 @ 05:07 PM EST [link]

Tuesday, May 22nd

Welcome to the club

Here's a picture of Kate at her first Sudbury Cycling Club practice. Like almost every new rider to the club she had the privilege of riding with Roy Hums and re-learning how to ride a bike.

Kate and Roy at the Delki Dozi Track
Paul on 05.22.07 @ 11:17 PM EST [link]

Thursday, May 10th

more time lapse video

Keeping with the theme lately... here's another cool time lapse video... this time with more eye candy.

Paul on 05.10.07 @ 05:17 PM EST [link]

Friday, May 4th

Speed drawing

In honour of Spiderman 3 which opens today...

Paul on 05.04.07 @ 05:20 PM EST [link]

Lighting 102

A heads up for aspiring photographers... over at they're starting up a new photography lesson, lighting boot camp 102. Its a follow up of a series of "assignments" that were given out for people to try and experiment with off camera lighting. I've been playing with some of this stuff (including the photo below), so am going to give this a try. Any of you photographers can head over and check out what its all about here: Lighting 102 []

Oh, and did I mention it was free?

Here's something I did using some of their techniques (only slight sharpening in photoshop)

Setup of this photo (with notes) here

Paul on 05.04.07 @ 10:20 AM EST [link]

Wednesday, May 2nd

cool dinosaurs

Whoever said computer animation was going to make puppets obsolete hadn't seen this...

Paul on 05.02.07 @ 06:59 PM EST [link]

Back to the Future meets reality

Check this out... Remember that thing (Mr. Fusion) that Doc brings back from the future to power his Delorian on household scraps?

garbage_bttf (65k image)

Looks like its coming closer to being a reality... Here's an article over at Popular Science ( showing a prototype generator that's being made for the US army to use garbage to run a modified desiel generator. Not quite as good as the one Doc used... it takes about 2500 lbs of garbage to produce 60 kilowatts (enough for 3 houses for a day), and its the size of a moving truck.

Full article here

junk_485 (51k image)

Paul on 05.02.07 @ 08:34 AM EST [link]

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