Tuesday, May 31st

The Jedi Song

With the rise of the empire, a shortage of recruits has forced the Jedi Council to make a promotional video emphasizing the lighter side of Jedi life.

Click below to see the video:

Paul on 05.31.05 @ 12:03 AM EST [link]

Thursday, May 26th

6 More fish

Well, its been 10 days since I got my first fish, and they're still all alive. So, now that the tank has been established I can add more. Last night I got the latest addition; 6 neon tetras and another plant. That brings the total up to 10 fish and two plants.

neon_tetra (41k image)
Paul on 05.26.05 @ 08:41 AM EST [link]

Wednesday, May 18th

Feeding time

I've added 3 short video clips of the fish. Yes, they are still all alive. This one is the coolest... its of them feeding.


The rest can be found in the Fish gallery
Paul on 05.18.05 @ 07:30 PM EST [link]

Monday, May 16th


We have liftoff. Got a friend to help me bring the tank into my house after work tonight. Went out and got some gravel for the bottom of the tank and some treatment chemicals and proceeded to fill the tank. I brought the garden hose in the front door because trying to fill a 50 gallon tank by bucket from the sink was taking too long. Wonder what the neighbours were thinking.

Anyway, had dragon boat practice, so after that I hurried home, got some dry clothes on and headed up to petsmart to go fish shopping. I would have prefered to have gone to one of the local stores around Sudbury, but everything closes at 6 on Mondays, so Petsmart was my only option. The guy at The Ark pet store yesterday told me to get 4 fish for the first 10 days so that the tank could adjust. So I figured I'd get 4 inexpensive fish... but which ones? Well, I finally decided on a breed of tetras that kind of look like the silver dollar tetras, but have two black vertical stripes. I forget the exact name... I'll have to check next time I'm at the store.

Anyway... 4 fishes now... next week, who knows?

Pictures are Here
Paul on 05.16.05 @ 11:56 PM EST [link]

Saturday, May 14th

New Fish tank

Got myself a fish tank this morning. I've been thinking of getting one for a while, and when a guy at work mentioned that he was selling his at a garage sale so it seemed like a good time. I was able to get a 50 gallon tank with the pumps and a metal stand for a really good price. Its too big for me to move by myself, but once I get it inside I'll post more pictures. I still need to get some filter stuff, gravel, and of course... FISHIES!!! I'm thinking tetras and some other fresh water tropical fish. I'm open to recommendations...

fishtank (56k image)
Paul on 05.14.05 @ 07:15 PM EST [link]

Click the colour, not the word

Here's a fun game to play... you've gotta click on the name of the colour, not the word. Its harder than you think.

clickthecolour (21k image)
Paul on 05.14.05 @ 06:59 PM EST [link]

Wednesday, May 4th

Traffic Control Game

Guess its been a while since I posted a link to a game. Well, here's one that's fun and easy to learn. All you've gotta do is change the traffic lights to keep the traffic flowing. Simple.

traffic_control (27k image)
Paul on 05.04.05 @ 01:32 PM EST [link]

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