Friday, April 13th

Bear wise

Some of you might remember a while back that we had a bear sighting on my street. For those who might be coming to visit, you may want to read up on them here, as Sudbury has 40-60 bears per 100 square km. Apparently they are waking up from their winter hibernation, and will be hungry.

In case their is a bear sighting, call 1-866-514-BEAR (2327), or 911 if its an emergancy.

Check out the Ontario bear density here:
Paul on 04.13.07 @ 10:46 AM EST [link]

Tuesday, April 10th

Little ones

So, in an attempt to expand my photographic skills I've been adding a little off camera lighting to the mix. Thanks to (where I've been doing my learning) the experimentation with my neice and nephews resulted in a couple nice pictures.

Here are a few of the keepers, the rest can be found here

chloe_ (32k image)

jamesandaaron (34k image)

chloe (20k image)

aaron (30k image)

Paul on 04.10.07 @ 09:52 AM EST [link]

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