Monday, April 24th

Bring on the Spring 10k

Yesterday Mike and I made the trip down to Parry Sound for an inaugural race to shake out the winter cobwebs. This was my first stand alone 10k, and I was hoping to come in around 40 minutes. Sadly, I didn't meet that goal, but I'll blame it on all the crazy hills (that we got to run twice because it was a two loop course). I ended up crossing the line 3rd with a time of 43:15. After some post race grub Mike and I bundled up and went for a nice scenic 2 hr bike ride. It was a nice change from the potholes in Sudbury, and relatively quiet roads. Dave Bialkowski met up with us for the 2nd half of the ride, and we stopped off at his store (Bialkowski Trysport) before heading back to Sudbury.

Official Results here
Paul on 04.24.06 @ 10:42 AM EST [link]

Wednesday, April 12th

Back on the Track

Last night we got back on the Delki Dozzi track for our first semi-official club practice of the year. The city swept it for us earlier in the day, and there were about a dozen of us out, with Battista coming a bit later with the club skooter. The weather is finally getting nice (about 16C and sunny), and it was a nice change to be able to shed the 2nd layer of clothing. Hopefully it stays this warm, as it'll save me a good 20 minutes of prep time before each ride.
track_apr11 (40k image)
Paul on 04.12.06 @ 07:45 AM EST [link]

Monday, April 10th

Weekend Biking

Its still quite cold out at night, but its been warming up during the days, so almost all my training has moved outdoors. Good thing too, as my gym membership has expired. We've still got another couple months of Masters swimming at Laurentian, which is handy because the ice won't be out until some time early May. Saturday a bunch of us got together to do a race simulation out by Long lake. 5 roadies and 3 trithletes (myself included) took part in the suffering. It was a great chance to get out and brush up on some of the group riding skills and a reminder that I'm definately not a bike specalist. Battista was out on the club skooter, and Roy was out on his motorbike taking some pictures.

race_sim_apr_8 (40k image)
Paul on 04.10.06 @ 11:40 AM EST [link]

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