Monday, April 25th

Stock Photos

This morning I got an e-mail informing me that one of my photos was being used on a webpage. See, I've uploaded some of my favourite pictures to a stock photo website; My photos can be found here.

The website in question is I have no idea what they do, but they've got my picture up there... You might have to hit refresh a couple times... its the welding one.

Paul on 04.25.05 @ 11:25 PM EST [link]

Saturday, April 16th

Espanola to Manitoulin Island

Today was a nice day for a bike ride... and ride we did. A bunch of us went from Espanola to Manitoulin Island and back... We stopped for lunch at a picnic area/lookout about 16km past Little Current. Some of us didn't make it the whole way... My ride was only about 90 km, but the complete round trip was 135 km.

Some pictures can be found here

cycling_apr16 (45k image)
Paul on 04.16.05 @ 09:06 PM EST [link]

Friday, April 15th


Finally after all these years I bought a webcam. Makes for some fun times chatting on MSN messenger, and has moved it up a couple notches from being the lowest form of communication to somewhere above smoke signals, but below the ham radio.

webcam (16k image)
Paul on 04.15.05 @ 10:06 PM EST [link]

Tuesday, April 12th

Photos from Mosport

Here's a photo of me from last Sunday... more photos are at the Sudbury Cycling Club website... click here for those...

mosport (29k image)
Paul on 04.12.05 @ 10:27 PM EST [link]

Monday, April 11th

Swim results

The final results from the 2005 Master's provincials swim meet have been released. Sudbury's results start on page 54, and mine are on page 55. I'm also in relay #4 (bottom of page 59/top of page 60), relay #9 and relay #13.

meetsummaryallteams.pdf (146k file)

All the relays I was the last swimmer and did 50m freestyle. My times for the weekend were:
1500m freestyle: 23:23.15
800m freestyle: 12:17.22
50m freestyle relay #1: 30.52 seconds
50m freestyle relay #2: n/t ~30 seconds
50m freestyle relay #3: 29.39 seconds

The 800m race was the last of the weekend, and as a result I wasn't able to swim as fast as I did in the 1500 (which was my first event of the weekend).

I'm really happy with the 50m results... the splits that we had recorded weren't quite as good. I didn't think that I had broken 30 seconds on the last one (we had timed 30.44), but I'm not going to argue with this.

Its still not clear which team was the overall winner for the meet. I'll post that once I hear...

Paul on 04.11.05 @ 06:22 PM EST [link]

Sunday's Race Results...

Well, here are Sunday's Race Results...

I didn't do quite as well as I had hoped (ie, I got dropped from the pack), but Sudbury didn't go home empty handed... Tom Hums won the cadet race.

More news and pictures will be posted soon on the Sudbury Cycling Club website shortly.

mosport2005 (41k image)
Paul on 04.11.05 @ 05:40 PM EST [link]

Wednesday, April 6th

Introducing another website that I've put together. The Sudbury Cycling Club has a new home:

Its got many neat little features, some of which I've used on this site (like the blog type posting, and gallery stuff). The key is that the news, calendar and photo gallery can all be updated online... which in theory means that the site will be updated on a regular basis with relevant news, events and photos.

Feel free to clicky clicky around and check it all out.

cycleclubweb (28k image)
Paul on 04.06.05 @ 05:53 PM EST [">link]

Tuesday, April 5th

Who-hoo, new saddle

Finally got a new saddle for my bike today. I've been putting this off for quite a while, but finally got one with those funky cut-outs. They are supposed to be better for you, and prevent "perineal numbness" by allowing more blood flow. Hopefully no permanent damage has been done, and I'll still be able to have kids (some day). I've got a few long rides this week in preparation for the race on Sunday, so I should know pretty quickly if it was worth it.
saddle (23k image)

Paul on 04.05.05 @ 05:11 PM EST [link]

Monday, April 4th

Back to reality...

The Provincials wrapped up nicely yesterday, finishing with the men's 800m race. It meant another silver medal for me (there were only two of us in my age group), and a long car ride home. I was in the process of updating this last night when my computer crashed. I won't go into big details yet, I'll wait until we get the results of the relays and overall meet standings. In the mean time I've added the rest of the pictures, including ones from Saturday night's banquet.

Now its time to get ready for next weekend's bike race...
Paul on 04.04.05 @ 09:05 AM EST [link]

Saturday, April 2nd


It turns out that my race from yesterday was better than I thought... good enough for Silver in my age group. There were only 3 of us, but going into the meet I was expecting to get 3rd by default... now I only have to improve by another 5 minutes by next year to challenge the gold.

Today I only had one event, so that meant I took a lot more pictures... which of course are online, and can be viewed at:

I swam in the 4x50m freestyle relay today, in the anchor position... and somehow got the fastest split of the 4 of us. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the other 3 guys doing the 400m freestyle earlier in the day. Regardless, it was a fantastic time for me, and as a team we finished in 2:12. The results haven't been posted for that event, so I'm not sure what placing we'll get. A picture of our relay team can be found here:

silver (37k image)
Paul on 04.02.05 @ 06:00 PM EST [link]

Mr. Fancy Pants

Day 1 of the Ontario Provincial Master's swim competition... Sudbury showed up in force, and during the first two events (200 breast stroke, and 1500 freestyle) we did quite well.

As for myself, I was entered in the 1500 with an estimated time of 27min. I've never raced before, so this was an estimate from speeds I'm able to maintain in practice. Well, turns out I was able to borrow a pair of those super fast speedo suits from a guy on our team who used to be a varsity swimmer. Well, I was all set with the fancy pants, I had to do well now that I looked the part. Off the blocks I got some water in my goggles when I dived in, but decided to keep going. Throughout the race I felt good, but it wasn't until the end that I realized how fast I had gone... I had destroyed my estimate by finishing in 23:23:41. I beat my estimate by almost 4 minutes! I'm thrilled, but now the bar has been set, and I'll have to swim even faster to beat that.

Today I've got a 200m freestyle relay, and tomorrow I've got two more relays and an 800m individual freestyle.

More Pictures of the first day of competition can be found here:

fancypants (41k image)
Paul on 04.02.05 @ 09:02 AM EST [link]

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