Wednesday, March 29th

Swimming videos

Last night before master's swim practice I met up with Phil Parker, the coach of the LU varsity swim team. He saw the video I had taken with my digital camera for the master's mini-meet a couple weeks ago, and wanted to get some footage of his swimmers in order to do some stroke analysis. So, over the course of an hour we tried out various angles and got some neat footage. Unfortunately there's not really enough light to get decent underwater photos without having a long exposure.

video (19k image)

Anyway, below are a couple sample shots, and the rest of the videos can be found here:
Unfortunately there's no thumbnails, or descriptions so its a bit of a guessing game to see which one is which. Also, they are quite large, so they might be slow downloading even with a high speed connection.

video2 (27k image)
Paul on 03.29.06 @ 09:04 AM EST [link]

Monday, March 27th

Clearing snow

Yes, there's still snow in Sudbury. Unfortunately there's still lots of it on the 1km track the cycling club uses for practice. This weekend a bunch of us made an attempt to accelerate the melting by clearing off patches in order to expose some of the pavement. Its been nice and sunny here, so it should heat up nicely and help the rest of the snow melt. We've been out on the roads for a couple weeks, but it'll be nice to get back on the track.

IMGP0495 (21k image)

IMGP0496 (28k image)

IMGP0498 (28k image)

IMGP0500 (30k image)
Paul on 03.27.06 @ 10:29 AM EST [link]

Monday, March 20th

Year 1

As some of you out there may know, Kate and I celebrated our first year together this past weekend. Of course a lot has changed in that year, and it was fun to take the time and look back at it. Our first date was March 19th, 2005 and over the course of a year she has gone from a virtual stranger to my bestfriend. Thanks for everything Kate, and I'm looking forward to Year 2.

Below is a picture that Kate made and framed as a gift. Its from a picture taken last June (original here)

Paul on 03.20.06 @ 11:47 AM EST [link]

Thursday, March 16th

Mini-Swim meet

This past Sunday the Sudbury Laurentian Masters Swim club held a mini-meet. It was a great oppertunity for us to see how we're doing, and also served as a chance for some swim club volunteers get experience with the electronic timing system.

Here are my times:
50m Freestyle: 31.50
100m Freestyle: 1:13.72 (34.28/39.44)
200m Freestyle: 2:53.53 (36.80/44.60/46.39/45.74)

There were a few relays as well, however I don't have the splits for those.

I brought my (sort of) new camera to try out its underwater functions. As was the case with my old camera (Canon A40 with waterproof case) it has difficulty taking sharp pictures without the flash, but the movies turned out quite well. Here are a couple pictures... the rest can be found here

swim1 (45k image)

swim2 (23k image)

swim3 (46k image)
Paul on 03.16.06 @ 01:00 PM EST [link]

Monday, March 13th

Biking outside again

Its finally getting warm enough in Sudbury to bike outside. On Saturday it was bright, sunny and +7 so I got my road bike out and went for a ride. Its still cold enough, so had to put on a bunch of layers. It felt great to be out on the roads again, and reminded me why I like biking. I took my camera with me and snapped a couple shots. I also ran into Al (from the cycling club) near the end of my ride.

Some pictures below, and a couple more in the gallery here

biking_03-11_1 (42k image)

biking_03-11_2 (30k image)

Paul on 03.13.06 @ 07:37 AM EST [link]

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