Thursday, March 31st

Racing Season has started...

That's right folks, time to hit high gear. This weekend I'm heading out to Sault Ste. Marie for the 2005 Ontario Master's Swimming Championship. I'll be competing in the 1500m, and 800m freestyle, as well as a bunch of 200m freestyle relays. More information about the event can be found at the Soo Master's Polar Bear Swim Club site:

Also, next weekend I'll be heading to Barrie for the Grand Prix of Mosport... an Ontario Cup road cycling race. I'll be in the Senior Men's 3 division, racing at 9:00am Sunday April 10th. There are a bunch of other Sudbury Cycling Club members heading down for various races that day. The main event, Senior Men's 1&2, is starting at 2:00pm and will be quite exciting to watch no doubt. They will be going 120km, whereas my division will only be going 72km. More info about the event can be found here:
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Monday, March 28th

For Better or Worse

Cartoonist Lynn Johnston, or "For Better or Worse" fame and her dentist husband are to be honoured by U of T this Saturday for their contribution to the field of Dentistry. The Toronto Star is running this article about it :U of T to honour cartoonist, dentist husband.

This reminded me of this cartoon

Its in reference to the Engineers at U of T, and their habit of painting the SAC dome. Specifically the BFC (, the Chief being Mario Baker. After seeing this cartoon the Chief sent Lynn a letter, to which she sent this reply:
tn_fbow_letter (16k image)

Gotta love traditions.

Of course, I never had anything to do with that stuff when I was in Skule...

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Friday, March 25th

Mining 101

Turns out Spring cleaning is useful afterall. I found this article about nickel mining that I've been meaning to show people. Its from the September/October 2004 issue of Inco Exchange, a publication of Inco public affairs in Toronto.

Anyway, in that issue there was a two page spread explaining the basics of nickel mining, and some of the lingo. Clicky below to bigify.


mining101.pdf (355k file)

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Tuesday, March 22nd


Was given a Livestrong wristband this weekend (thanks Kate)... been wanting one of these for a while now, but haven't seen them in Sudbury. They are to show your support for survivors of Cancer and all proceeds go towards the Lance Armstrong Foundation ( Other websites related to this are and

On a side note, Lance has announced that he's going for tour win number 7. Go Lance... I can hardly wait.
livestrong (31k image)
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Monday, March 21st

Finger Twister

Everyboy loves computers, and twister, so why no combine the two... finger twister on your monitor. Hours of fun.

fingertwister (26k image)
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Ok, so here's a neat site that uses Amazon's data to make big words from book covers... just type in a word and watch it be spelt out with pictures. Neat.

amaztype (19k image)
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Wednesday, March 16th

New Lunch box

Funny how life goes in circles. Had a lunch box when I was young, then as my lunch got bigger I had to go to a shopping bag. Well, now that I'm making more frequent trips underground I decided to get myself a proper lunch box. You always take a lunch with you underground... you never know when you might get stuck down there longer than you plan. This one should be big enough to cover my needs... its 14" long by 4.5" by about 8" tall. Its the medium size... the large one looked more like a tool box.

lunchpail (27k image)
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Here's a keeper... one of me with my underground gear on. Gotta love those safety glasses.
paul_u-g (12k image)
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Lord of the Rings Musical to open in Toronto...

ring (2k image)

That's right, word is that the LOTR musical is to open in fall of 2006. CBC's story is here :

Paul on 03.16.05 @ 08:07 AM EST [link]

Tuesday, March 8th

Mine Rescue

The Sudbury Star ran a two part article this week about Mine Rescue. During Reading week in the spring Laurentian University mining engineering students have a opportunity to take a mine rescue course. It is similar to the one I took last fall be become part of Inco's Mine rescuers. I've tried to explain some of this stuff to people, but perhaps these articles will do a better job than I have.

Part1: Rushing into disaster
Part 2: Going 'under oxygen'

I'm not sure how long the Sudbury Star keeps things on their website, but here's the links anyway.
Part 1: Rushing into disaster
Part 2: Going 'under oxygen'

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Monday, March 7th

Roasting Chestnuts...

Well, its too cold in the garage to build a new stand for the mother of all TV's. The kitchen table was cool, but not all that practical, so we decided to put it on the brick in front of the fireplace. Here's what it would look like if we were to download a fireplace screen saver... errr, oh, wait, um, never mind.
fireplace (52k image)
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GED Curling Bonspiel

Last Saturday I gave Curling a try at the Inco General Engineering Design (GED) Social Club's 40th annual Curling Bonspiel. A sport anybody can play, but few are any good at. I'm not one of the few, and I don't think any of them showed up Saturday. Good times had by all, and after losing all three games went home with some BBQ utensils. Humm... guess I need a BBQ now.

curling (53k image)
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Friday, March 4th

Holy Crap! its huge!

I won a 42" plasma TV! It was the door prize at Thursday's trade show put on by Synergy Controls. I got the call this morning at work, and the TV was dropped off in the afternoon. It barely fit into my car (a station wagon with the seats folded down). Well, looks like I'll have to build another TV stand and make room for it...

plasmatv (41k image)
Paul on 03.04.05 @ 07:26 PM EST [link]

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