Wednesday, February 27th

P.Eng. certificate

Many years ago I couldn't spell inginear, now I are one. Tonight I finally received my certificate saying that I'm a Professional Engineer licensed in the province of Ontario. I actually gained that status last September, but tonight was the certificate presentation ceremony held by the Niagara region chapter of the PEO.

peng_cert (57k image)
Paul on 02.27.08 @ 11:21 PM EST [link]

Sunday, February 24th

Our Paper Anniversary

One year ago today...

So that makes today our paper anniversary...

Paul on 02.24.08 @ 01:43 PM EST [link]

Thursday, February 21st

Sykora - Bardeggia wedding

I've posted some pictures from the wedding I shot last weekend up in Sudbury... here

Here's a picture of Steve and Leah helping me get the lighting set for the formal shots

Paul on 02.21.08 @ 09:54 PM EST [link]

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