Tuesday, February 28th


ok, so I found this electronics kit online (http://www.ladyada.net/make/minipov2/), and thought it looked like fun. Basically its a bunch of flashing lights, that can be used to spell out stuff based on the idea of persistance of vision (POV). This is the small kit (hence the name MiniPov), but there is a larger one that is even cooler... the SpokePov. The SpokePov can be attached to your bike wheel. Not very pratical because of all the extra weight you're adding, but still pretty cool.Anyway, I wanted to give it a try, so I got the little one. Clearly this stuff has no real life use, and is just a toy, but I'm a big kid so that's ok.

The package arrived in the mail on Friday, and Saturday afternoon I got the soldering iron out and put it together. Well, its pretty simple, and went together really fast. You program the chip using the serial port on your computer and some simple scripts. I haven't tried anything of my own, but the ones I downloaded from the website seem to work well. If I come up with anything cool I'll be sure to post it.

Here's the basic contents of the kit:
IMGP0380 (32k image)

Solder everything together, add some batteries... its alive... sweet, it works first try.
IMGP0385 (34k image)

Here's testing it out with a long exposure on my camera... it says "minipov!". I'll have to try some different designs.
IMGP0396 (32k image)
Paul on 02.28.06 @ 01:00 PM EST [link]

Sudbury Triathlon Club

A message from Jason Wicke:

Mike Hay, Steve Tremblay and I were discussing the need for a triathlon club in Sudbury. There seems to be a good group of us triathletes in the Sudbury area, but we have no clue of who we are and what we are doing.
Futhermore, there are several who are looking for some guidance as to setting up a training program, etc.
Here is what we have discussed so far:
1) the club will be open to anyone interested in triathlons that does not need adult supervision
2) we are not here to provide one on one coaching for the entire season
3) we will sit down with each of you to discuss and map out a training plan based on your goals, your time commitment, your ability, what races you would like to attend, peak for, etc.
4) we will set up weekly programs for groups (according to ability, race distance, etc.)
5) we will set up training clinics for technique development, race strategies, etc.
6) we will provide contacts so that we can all go down to races and enjoy each other's company (i.e. stay at the same hotel, campsite, etc.)
7) We are thinking of charging an outrageous amount of money for joining the club... somewhere around $50 (and max $100) for the entire year.

Obviously there is a lot more to discuss and solidify. Right now, we would like to know how many people would be interested in joining such a club.

If you are interested, please send me an email with the following information:

Name, age, and BRIEF description of your experience (triathlon or otherwise) and what distances you would like to race, any other questions you may have! If you do not plan on racing and would like to join, that is fine!!!

If you have not heard back from me in three days, I accidentally deleted your email as most will go into my junk mail.... Write me back!

Once we have an idea of how many there are, we will be setting up a meeting to further discuss matters!!!!

Take care,
Jason Wicke
Paul on 02.28.06 @ 10:01 AM EST [link]

Sunday, February 5th

Hypothermic 1/2 marathon

hypohalf06 (22k image)
As per Mike's instructions I participated in the Hypothermic 1/2 marathon this morning... although, due to a crazy snow storm it was slightly modified. I guess 20cm of snow, -8 degrees, and 35km/h winds (with gusts to 45km/h) will do that to a race. I knew it was going to be an interesting day when I woke up to 3 foot snow drifts in my driveway.

Anyway, it was decided that we would go over to the Zellers parking lot and run back and forth for an hour... approx 900m each lap. It was pretty windy out there, and the traction was terrible, but it was a fun event. More pictures can be found here.

Yes, I did wear goggles. Yes, they were very effective. Yes, that is a sweat-cicle.
hypohalf06_2 (29k image)

hypohalf06_3 (39k image)
Paul on 02.05.06 @ 10:38 PM EST [link]

Friday, February 3rd

Too much snow

When I moved up north I knew the winters would be cold... but Sudbury isn't supposed to get that much snow. This winter has been a bit out of the ordinary, being quite warm, and with lots of snow. Last Sunday/Monday we got about 40cm, and they were warning of another 15cm today (looks like we missed that though). With all this snow I've ended up with quite the snow drift on my roof... so in order to help prevent any problems in the spring I decided to shovel some of it off last night. Here are some pictures. Oh, and it wasn't actually dark when I finished... it just looks that way because of the flash.

This one shows the pile at the end of my driveway... its over 6 feet tall.
IMGP0265 (50k image)

Here's the snow on the roof... over 3 feet deep
IMGP0267 (34k image)

The lucky guy who gets to clean it off.
IMGP0268 (32k image)

A pile of snow that was left when I was done.
IMGP0270 (44k image)

Here's a couple more for effect
A shot of the house
My handy work

Paul on 02.03.06 @ 09:59 AM EST [link]

Sudbury Marathon

Looks like Sudbury has a full marathon again (and Boston qualifier)... and its on my 27th birthday. Its been a number of years since Sudbury hosted a full length marathon. This event has been added to the Sudbury Fitness Challenge's Sun Run based on last year's success. I'm not sure what distance I'll be running yet, we'll have to see what works into my schedule best. You can check out the website below.
Paul on 02.03.06 @ 08:38 AM EST [link]

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