Monday, February 28th

Sneezin Steven

MMmmmm... here's a great flash game to play before dinner...

sneezin_steven (17k image)
Paul on 02.28.05 @ 10:13 PM EST [link]

Match Stick Rockets

Stumbled on this website... I found something like this a couple years ago when I was in Engineering schoo.. Basically its a bit of tinfoil wrapped around the head of a paper match with a bent paper clip holder. When done properly it'll shoot about 8 feet and make a cool foosh sound. They kept us ammused for a couple months... definately geeky cool.

matchstickrocket (7k image)

Paul on 02.28.05 @ 08:07 PM EST [link]

Crazy Fight video

Here's another video clip e-mail forward... Some Ong-Bak style stuff.

fridaynight3-1.wmv (6106k file)
Paul on 02.28.05 @ 08:50 AM EST [link]

Sunday, February 20th

Petals Around the Rose

Here's a game to try out. Its called Petals Around the Rose. Apparently the smarter you are the longer it'll take to figure out. Unfortunate really, because I figured it out right away.
Paul on 02.20.05 @ 09:15 PM EST [link]

Wednesday, February 16th

Bad Santa

Ok, I know Christmas is a long way away... but its probably better to check this out as far away form the holidays. Its the Scared Santa photo gallery. Nothing like a stranger in a red suit to scare the crap out of little children. No wonder our society is so screwed up.
santa (17k image)
Paul on 02.16.05 @ 05:55 PM EST [link]

Tuesday, February 15th

How not to get rid of a body

Ok, lets say you committed a murder... how would you get rid of the body? An effective way could be to throw it into a lake... sounds reasonable... it'd be hard to find, destroy any evidence, and decompose fairly quickly. Well, Sudbury had its first homicide of the year, and apparently someone was using that logic when they dumped the body... only one problem... THE LAKE IS FROZEN! Surprisingly enough they body was found first thing in the morning, on the surface of the ice. Oh, and it was on Ramsey lake... in the middle of the city... about 5 minutes from my house.

Seeing as this is the first murder of the year, the local news is a little slow on the story. Only one of the local newspapers reported it on Monday... the story is here:
Paul on 02.15.05 @ 09:01 AM EST [link]

Monday, February 14th

Saturday night dreadlock party

Good 'old Sudbury Saturday night. This week's program included giving Caleb dreadlocks. I've got some pictures... but dreads take some time to develop, so I'll have to wait a couple weeks to see how they turn out. In the mean time here are a couple pictures of the process.

click the picture below to see more pictures

Paul on 02.14.05 @ 11:20 PM EST [link]

Thursday, February 10th

Dragon Boat Pool Practices

Here's a picture from our Dragon boat practice tonight. We're at the Laurentian University pool practicing with the Sudbury Canoe Club team and their rig that fits over the bulk head. Yeah, its Sudbury, and all our lakes are frozen... and will be for quite a while. So this is our way of getting head start on the season and working on our technique. The paddles we're using have the blades cut down so that you can simulate the force that you would normally feel if the boat were moving.

More pictures can be found at our team's website:

poolpractice (45k image)

Paul on 02.10.05 @ 11:32 PM EST [link]

G-mail invites!!!

gmail (3k image)

I've got g-mail invites coming out the ying-yang... for those of you not aware, google has an e-mail service like hotmail, but you get a gig of space to use. The only way you can get an account is to get an invite from someone who already has one. Want your own address? drop me an e-mail at"> and I'll send you one.
Paul on 02.10.05 @ 04:59 PM EST [link]

Google Maps

Good 'ole google... throw away those mapquest bookmarks and move on over to
googlemaps (11k image)

Finally an online map that allows for click and drag scrolling, and maps large enough to print full page.
Paul on 02.10.05 @ 09:35 AM EST [link]

Monday, February 7th


Here's an instant classic. Its a blog about an ant farm... the only problem is that the ants are terribly lazy and the owner is trying everything in his power to modivate them. Oh, and he's terribly sarcastic. A great combination. This one is worth bookmarking and checking every day.

From Day 4... "I'm considering an angry letter to the creators of the ant farm demanding they send me some sort of ant steroids."

clicky below to bigify

Ants (27k image)
Paul on 02.07.05 @ 10:02 PM EST [link]


Here's a fun game to play... I can't beat it, but its addictive. Use the arrow keys to fly the plane as it decends. Time it correctly and land on the runway, otherwise you'll crash. I think its the music that makes it addictive.

Airplane game
Paul on 02.07.05 @ 05:14 PM EST [link]

Sunday, February 6th

Superbowl Winner!!!

Well, back in Milton we used to have a bit of a tradition for the Superbowl and Greycup... This year it was time to bring the tradition to Sudbury. We stopped off at Walmart today to pick up the traditional prizes of a big candle (for the winner) and a pack of twizzlers (for the loser).

I took the early lead by predicting the coin toss, and carried the lead all the way to the end, winning the covetted candle. Matt almost took over the lead by correctly predicting that the Patriots cheerleaders would make the first appearance. Caleb edged out Jairus for the twizzlers getting the tie breaker wrong.

The totals out of 34 possible:
Paul - 16 *winner of rain forest sented candle*
M-Dawg - 15
Aimee - 14
Sabrina - 12
Jairus - 11 (tie breaker correct)
Caleb - 11 (tie breaker wrong) *winner of 2 bags of licorice*

The traditional winner's photo:
superbowl_winners (52k image)
Paul on 02.06.05 @ 11:42 PM EST [link]

Saturday Spinning at Delki Dozzi

Normally on Saturdays I do my biking at home on my trainer, but this week a couple of us from the Sudbury Cycling Club got together at the field house at Delki Dozzi to do our workout. I brought my projector and a couple videos of the 2004 Tour de France for us to watch. The club normally gets together at Delki Dozzi on Wednesday nights for spinning sessions. There's a 1km paved track at Delki Dozzi that the club uses for practice Tuesday and Thursday nights from April to September.

spinning_at_delki_dozzi (64k image)
Paul on 02.06.05 @ 11:11 PM EST [link]

Thursday, February 3rd

Top ten signs you're not the most popular guy in high school

I think we all knew someone like Napolean Dynamite in High School... Such a great movie for that reason. Matt sent me this link of Napolean doing the "Top ten signs you're not the most popular guy in high school"... check it out here. K-lassic

I think Number 8 is my favourite... "School song includes phrase about how much you suck".
Paul on 02.03.05 @ 10:20 PM EST [link]

Ann Coulter

How do people like Ann Coulter gain a following? Do we live in a culture that is so uneducated that they can support the stupidity that comes out of her mouth?

I was watching a show on CBC last week about media bias in the States. There was a particularly funny clip of Ann Coulter insisting that Canada had indeed sent troops to Vietnam to support the States. I found that clip today, and you can check it out here.

Some of her other gems...

" We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren't punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That's war. And this is war."

"God gave us the earth. We have dominion over the plants, the animals, the trees. God said, 'Earth is yours. Take it. Rape it. It's yours.'"---Hannity & Colmes, 6/20/01

Hummm.... don't know what version of the Bible she's reading, but mine doesn't read quite like that.

Interested in learning more? Google can provide much more fodder...
Paul on 02.03.05 @ 06:00 PM EST [link]

Wednesday, February 2nd

Ok, so you've got your favourite music, right? Ever want to find stuff that matches your tastes? Check this out...

Just type in your favourite artist and it'll identify artists fitting your musical tastes. And it looks pretty too.
Paul on 02.02.05 @ 11:29 PM EST [">link]

FW: Fwd: Fw: Kayak anyone ?

"Paul, please don't let this happen to you."
Kayak.mpeg (2000k file)

What's that supposed to mean? Got that in an e-mail today...

Paul on 02.02.05 @ 09:09 PM EST [link]

Crazy Tatoo guy

Ok... so I've seen some interesting tatoos on people over the years. This guy wins the prize for being a total wierd-o. I really don't know what to say. If I were Mickey I'd be getting a restraining order... Need proof? Check the "Top 10 reasons why George Reiger is Disney's Number 1 Fan"... creepy.
Paul on 02.02.05 @ 05:44 PM EST [link]

Tuesday, February 1st

Embarrassing pictures

Ok... so its Christmas dinner 2004, and somehow the topic of my website comes up. I guess my Aunt had been checking out the About Me section and made some comment about not seeing any pictures of her up there. I think she may have mentioned something about not wanting any embarrassing pictures posted... but I'm sure she didn't mean it.

So here goes... pictured here are (from left to right) my Aunt Margaret, my cousin, Jo-Ann, and my older brother Colin. I guess its Jo-ann's birthday or something. Happy Birthday. Normally I'd save stuff like this for weddings but everybody in that picture is married, so I guess I'll have to resort to posting it on the internet. No worries, there's more where that came from. Aren't those great glasses? Hummm... I hope my Aunt doesn't draw my name for the Christmas present exchange next year.
Paul on 02.01.05 @ 11:18 PM EST [link]

My new job

Yesterday I started at my 3rd placement as an EIT at Inco. For the next year I'll be working in the mechanical design section of general engineering. This is the building I work on... of course its winter now, and there's snow, but come summer it should look something like that.

There are various nick-names for this place... Dilbert land, the nerd farm... meh, I shouldn't have any problem fitting in, right? Anyway, I'll be here for the next 12 months, then will be working for 6 months in a Satellite engineering group at one of the Inco plants.

Paul on 02.01.05 @ 12:29 PM EST [link]

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