Tuesday, January 30th

Toronto Star Ironman articles

Here's a couple articles in Today's Toronto star about how Ironman is today's marathon. I'm sure one of these days I'll do one...

Iron Will How the Ironman race is the next ultimate achievement in personal fitness
Running a marathon was once the everyman's Everest.

"People of all shapes and sizes who like to run and compete are doing (the marathon)," says Jay Glassman, race director of the Toronto Marathon. "It's an easy sport to do. You compete against yourself."

So what is a highly competitive overachiever to do but step it up a notch? Enter the Ironman. It's set to become the new benchmark for the hardcore amateur athlete.

About Schmidt: An everyman's event?
Ten-time Ironman champ Lisa Bentley is coaching five athletic overachievers to help them obtain their Ironman dream. One of them is Mayo Schmidt...

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Tuesday, January 23rd

More thanks

Another huge thank you... this time for my groomsmen for putting together a fantastic stag for me last Saturday. You guys did a great job of pulling people together and organizing a fun filled afternoon and evening. Thanks to Steve and Colin for your help and travelling for the weekend to make it out. Thanks to Joe for pulling it all together and organizing the herd.

I also want to thank everybody who came out for part or all of the events. I had a great time, and it was fun spending it with old and new friends. Thanks also to everybody who contributed to the collection that Joe organized. With the generous contribution I was able to get a sweet cordless power tool set. I went out to homedepot last night (after researching it all online) and got a 7 tool set, a portable shop vac (that uses the same batteries) and a halogen work light. Thanks a ton guys.
Stag_gift (52k image)
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Monday, January 15th

Thank-you Aunt Iris

A big thank-you from Kate and I goes out to Aunt Iris and the Dias family for putting on a wedding shower for us. It was a very nice way of showing your love and support, and we really appreciate that. Thank you very much for the gifts.

Some pictures can be found here.

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Solenne Asha

Solenne (10k image)

Here's some new pictures of Solenne, Jo-Ann and Andrzej's daughter. She was born on December 29th at 9 lbs 6 oz. Kate and I were at the proud grandparent's place yesterday (planning our ceremony), so we got to see a bunch of pictures, some of which are at the above link. Belated congratulations Jo-Ann and Andrzej.
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Friday, January 12th

Mission accomplished

Ok, all the major stuff is done and my parents are heading down south tomorrow morning. A huge thanks from Kate and I goes out to my mom and dad for coming up here for a week and fixing up our bathroom.

Here's something I threw together to give my parent's to say thanks... its a slide show of the pictures I took during the process. I put it up on youtube so that other people could view it. The montage is just over 5 minutes in length and most of the pictures were ones I posted along the way in this gallery.

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Thursday, January 11th

Bathroom Renovations... almost done

A week later, and we're almost done the major work. My parents have been working crazy hours on this thing, and I've been working all night on it when I get home from work. Its coming together really nicely. I've been posting pictures along the way, so if you go here you can see how its progressed. Last night we installed the vanity, so now its really looking like a bathroom. The one we bought is low profile, so between that and the removal of a half wall and built in cupboard the bathroom now feels quite large.

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Thursday, January 4th

Bathroom renovations

My Parents are up here renovating the bathroom for Kate's imminent arrival. They arrived today and started the gutting process. I'll be posting pictures along the way... they can be found here

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Wednesday, January 3rd

Congrats Manny

Congratulations go out to Manny, one of Colin and Joey's cats, for making Pet of the Month over at www.iheartpaws.com. Manny's feature article can be found here.
manny (11k image)

One of the other moggie crew has been pet of the month... Marty was pet of the month back in November 2005, the only other cat to make pet of the month over at www.iheartpaws.com
You can check out that article here
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Monday, January 1st

Christmas 2006

Well, I'm back in Sudbury, after a week of Christmas celebrations. It was action packed, and involved lots of family and friends. Thanks to everybody for making it so special. A few pictures of the various activities can be found here.

Kate's pending move to Sudbury seemed to be the theme... She got lots of warm clothes from her family, and my family got us each pairs of snow shoes.

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