Saturday, January 28th

Banff Mountain Film Festival

The Banff Mountain Film Festival made is yearly stop in Sudbury last night. Laurentian's outdoor leadership course hosts the event as a fundraiser. The films consisted of a wide range of things including kayaking, climbing, and hockey night in Ledakh (India). Anyway, I'd highly recommend checking it out when its in your town...
filmfestival_100 (9k image)
Paul on 01.28.06 @ 09:26 AM EST [link]

Monday, January 16th

Polar Bear Pictures

As promised, I've got my hands on some polar bear dip pictures. These are a few, the rest can be seen by going to the gallery here.

polar1 (41k image)
polar2 (28k image)
polar3 (38k image)
Paul on 01.16.06 @ 10:27 AM EST [link]

Thursday, January 12th

Fitness Test

Battista admistering the 5k fitness test

Laura West watching as Battista runs the 5k test
Last night I did my first simulated 5km time trial on the cycling club's new computrainer. During the summer months we do periodic 5k time trials on the track to measure improvement. The club recently purchased a computrainer in order to be able to do repeatable testing during the winter months. My time was 8 minutes even, with an average power output of about 275 watts. I was happy that I was able to maintain an output very close to my average. This is good seeing as I'm training specifically for triathlons, and the bike portion is an individual Time Trial. I should be doing another test in 4 or 6 weeks, and hopefully will see some improvement.
Paul on 01.12.06 @ 10:53 AM EST [link]

Thursday, January 5th

Indoor bike Training

dd-training (32k image)
Last night saw a return to the Wednesday night training with the Sudbury Cycling Club at the Delki Dozzi field house. We've been meeting since the beginning of November and will continue until its warm/dry enough to get back on the roads (likely mid march). Most of us do our bike training at home, but getting together once a week is a nice change of pace. It takes a bit of extra work to pack up and move everything, but the added motivation of being in a group is worth while. More pictures can be found in the Sudbury Cycling Club photo gallery here

Paul on 01.05.06 @ 02:00 PM EST [link]

Tuesday, January 3rd

Polar Bear Swim

January 1st 2006... what better way to ring in the New Year then run into a freezing cold polluted body of water? Nope, I can't think of anything better to do either. It was decided on Christmas when Kate said "I'll do it if you do it." So, after much deliberation, threats of backing out, questioned sanity and eventual acceptance, Joe, Thomas, Kate and I (along with about 500 others) participated in the 21st annual Oakville Polar Bear swim. The event is a fundraiser for World vision's Water for Kenya project and raised about $35,000.

There are a couple pictures of the event, but since they weren't on my camera I don't have them to put online yet. Here's one from the CTV site for now.
160_CFTO_water_060101 (5k image)
Paul on 01.03.06 @ 01:50 PM EST [link]

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