July 2009

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07/09/2009: "Surgeries update"

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Kate's surgeries went well this morning, and she is home now resting. Everything went as planned, but the experience was a little too much of a reminder of 15 months ago for both of our liking. Please pray for a speedy recovery and that no complications (such as infections) come up. I may or may not post further updates on this, so it is safe to assume that no news is good news.

Replies: 2 Comments

on Saturday, July 11th, Dias_meg@hotmail.com">Meg said

Your the best!

on Thursday, July 16th, donnaoneill232@hotmail.com">Donna and Anthony said

Hi Kate and Paul
I am so sorry I have not been going on the website for about 1 mnth now and I just read tonight that you had surgery.Please know that you are in Anthonyand myselfs minds constantly and we do chat about you both all the time in fact I just told Anthony's girlfriend Jaime about how you proposed to Kate,Paul and she found it adorable.I am glad your surgery went well and of course you are both in our prayers always,hope to see you soon. In fact we are having a bit of a get together on July 26th and would love it if you could come, let me know. All our love always.
Donna and Anthony xoxox

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