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01/27/2009: "10 Months"

Itís been a while since our last update, so this should cover the ground since the last post. In the previous post I asked for sponsorship for the Toronto Marathon where I was going to be running in support of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Well, I ran the marathon as I had planned, and finished in a personal best time of 3 hours and 30 minutes. It was especially meaningful for us that friends, family and co-workers sponsored my run in support of MADD.

At the time of the accident, Kate was finishing up her teacherís college degree, and there was a big question if and when she would be able to finish. With a great deal of determination, effort and sacrifice, we are happy to say that Kate finished those requirements and achieved her degree. In the following weeks, Kate and I were invited back to CSU to present the award that her classmates had created in her name. Three students were given the ďKate Graham Learning Communities Award.Ē It was a great honour for us to present this award, and a real testament to Kateís classmates and their generosity, having raised money for it. I had a chance to speak to the class about our situation, and impress upon them how tragic it was that someone could be so selfish to get behind the wheel while impaired. Those teacher candidates will be teaching the next generation of students, and have such a great opportunity to be a positive influence.

With December came Christmas, and many special times with our families and friends. When special occasions come along, like Christmas, it highlights how fortunate we are to be surrounded by so much love. At each one of these, we would all, in our own way, have a slight pause with the realization of how close it came to being tragically different. Itís not something that anybody likes to dwell on, however itís apparent to all those present. We are so thankful for what have, but times like this also highlight what we have lost.

With the New Year we continue to settle into our new home and our new routines. Kateís various treatments continue to dominate her daily life, and we continue to see improvements. In addition to her regular appointments her time also includes French courses at Niagara College.

My routine has changed a little, in addition to work I have returned to school part time; working towards my MBA at Brock University. Starting my MBA in September had been a part of our plan prior to the accident; however it had to be delayed due to the circumstances.

We would like to thank everybody again for all your prayers, correspondence, visits and love. We ask they continue since they make such a difference. We are still challenged by the enormity of the issues we face, and greatly benefit from your prayers and support. We donít want to dwell on negative things, so it is hard for us to communicate the exact details of our challenges; we cannot understate how thankful we are for your prayers.

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on Wednesday, January 28th, Dani said

Congratulations to you both for working so hard, keeping so positive and supporting each other. I hope that each day continues to get better.

on Friday, January 30th, ngrandic@csu.edu.au">Nena said

I am so very happy for both of you. And wish you all the best in the future.
Nena, the librarian from CSU.

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