September 2008

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09/11/2008: "Blood Donations needed"

10th_donation (22k image)
I would like to encourage those reading this to continue to donate blood, or consider doing so if you haven't. There are many restrictions on who can donate, and for this reason it is critically important that those who can donate do so as often as possible (minimum of 56 days).

While there were many factors in her recovery, one she could not have done without was the blood donations that had been made. From what I can tell from the medical records, Kate received 10 units of blood during surgery alone, 17 units of blood in total plus other blood products like plasma and platelets.

I really dislike needles, and giving blood is not a glamorous thing, however I am more motivated than ever to donate because I can see how critical it was to Kate's survival. I am forever grateful for those who donated the blood Kate received and I am showing my thanks by paying it forward and donating as often as possible.

The picture above is a pin that Canada Blood Services gives after you make your 10th donation. Yesterday I made my 10th donation, 3rd since the accident.

Canada blood services has a program called "Partners for Life" that allows you to have your donation counted in someone's honour. If you would like to donate in Kate's honour you can sign up online here. Kate's Partner For Life ID# is INSU009157, partner name is "In Support of Kate Graham". If you go to a clinic and would like to donate in her honour, please mention it when you sign up and they can provide you with the appropriate information.

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