July 2008

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07/21/2008: "Day 116 (Weekly update)"

As with each previous entry I can still say that we are making progress. I feel like a broken record saying that, and adding that we have a long way to go. Its hard to explain to people what that means, and its even hard for us to understand, but that's how these things go. Kate's injuries and resulting time in a hospital bed mean that she has a lot of muscle to build back. This in addition to the surgeries needed, fractures, head injuries, strains, and sprains caused by the accident mean that it takes the body a long time to recover. Kate is putting in a heroic effort despite the aches, pains and frustrations, and has her progress thus far to show for it.

Please continue to pray for us that we continue to make progress.

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on Monday, July 28th, John K. Hunter said

I still carry in my mind the picture of Kate setting aside the walker, taking up the cane and walking up the aisle at Sarah's wedding. I hate when people sound cliche or ingenuous so know that when I say that you Kate are one of the bravest people I know, I mean it.

We will continue to press God for strength, courage, patience, and healing for you both.

tons of love,

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