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07/14/2008: "Day 109 (weekly update)"

Another week has flown by. The big news for us is that we sold our house in Sudbury. So, many changes are on the horizon but it is good to have that settled.

Kate's recovery is continuing to make steps in the right direction. A new addition to Kate's team is an occupational therapist that will be meeting with Kate regularly. Her role will be in helping Kate regain her independence in everyday tasks and identifying areas that need attention.

Please continue to pray for Kate as she continues her recovery. She is working very hard and is extremely motivated, however is still facing many challenges day to day. Your prayers for us are greatly appreciated.

Replies: 5 Comments

on Tuesday, July 15th, oliviajoy@sympatico.ca">audrey marek said

We'll keep sending the prayers up for you! Healing, signs and wonders, are being poured out big time in these days. May Kate receive all of the blessings, strength, encouragement, faith, grace, and healing that is found in the awesome Name of Jesus! Thanks Paul, for your continued updates! You like Prince Valiant! Blessings and peace to you both. Joy in the midst of the storm.

on Wednesday, July 16th, Donna and Anthony said

Congratulations on selling your house.Sounds like things are still going well we still pray for you every day and look forward to when we can get to see you.It's a long hard road but Kate your determination is amazing,and I know having paul by your side is a lot to do with it too.You guys are wonderful and we wish you nothing but luck from here on in, you both deserve the best.Keep on doing what you are doing!
lots of love from us both

on Thursday, July 17th, amandagrano@hotmail.com">amanda grano said

congrats on selling the house, I know that has been a little bit of a stress for you. Anyways Kate keep up the good work and know that I am thinking about you :)

on Friday, July 18th, lutzr@sympatico.ca">Roeli Lutz said

Katie we are praying for your complete recovery. God is more than able to do what we have asked of HIM.
Would love to see you some day soon.
Did I miss where you are living at the present time? I haven't talked to your Mom in a very long time. Left a message for her birthday. Last Tuesday the 15th Oma had her 93rd birthday. Her son Hib surprised her with a visit from Florida. Also, our old boarder Art surprised her and showed up for her birthday from New Brunswick. Today they celebrated my birthday. It's been a very busy month with all the birthdays and anniversaries.
Katie keep up the good work.
Paul thank you for the the updates.
God Bless you both richly.
Dale & Roeli & Oma

on Saturday, July 19th, stargirl@gmail.com">Laura & Dan Deboer said

To our dearest Kate & Paul. We miss you! We hope you're well.. sounds like good things are happening... AMEN eh? :) That's great news about the house in Sudbury..
Work is busy for both of us.. life is boring actually ;) Can't wait to visit you sometime.. take care, love you both!
L & D

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