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06/23/2008: "Day 88 (weekly update)"

In a few more days the three month anniversary will come and go. I'm not really sure what it will be like to have that date pass. Our days are filled by a never ending list of appointments with doctors, specialists, and therapists. Kate's progress is continuing in the right direction, however it can still be hard to keep sight of that when dealing with the daily challenges.

We ask that prayers continue for Kate's recovery. We are so thankful for the prayers, love, support, and well wishes received so far. It has been great to have those to lean on when the times are tough, and we ask that that support continue.

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on Tuesday, June 24th, Author said

I hope Kate had a wonderful 26th birthday and continues to progress with her recovery.


on Tuesday, June 24th, sutrombley@hotmail.com">Susan Trombley said

Happy belated birthday Kate..I am so happy to hear of your progress.Kate remember God is your great I am . whatever your need he is able and willing. When you need strength just to get through a day , He says I am more than able to lift you on wings of eagles and carry you above the storm.When you need to cry , His word says he collects our tears , and I believe He says I am able to return them as showers of blessings.When the enemy whispers lies about your future the Lord says , I am the truth you are an overcomer in me. He says I am the one who will direct your path and make your way clear. He is all sufficient for everything you are now or will face in the future no matter what it holds.He says , I am able to turn your mourning into rejoicing. I know he has created you with all the determination you need to face this challenge , but in the midst of it know that there are people who love you and are praying for you. When the times are so heavy you are not able to lift your own arms , know we are there holding them up for you in prayer. Paul you also are in our prayers, for I know there is nothing worse than watching the ones we love struggle and hurt and the concern of what tomorrow will look like, but you have a Savior who understands and He like us goes to the Father and intervenes for you and Kate, as each prayer goes forth , and we go forth with boldness not being timid ,but knowing the goodness and faithfulness of the God we serve. For he is too wise to make mistakes and too loving to be unkind.

on Thursday, June 26th, oliviajoy@sympatico.ca">Audrey Marek said

Just wanted to assure you that your name comes up on a daily basis in our prayers. I am reminded of the song that came to me for you in my private time of worship a while back...'She'll be dancing and leaping and singing before You, dancing and leaping and singing before You...'. I will be believing for this to be fulfilled! His glory and power are increasing in these days, as many many are being healed as a result of this revival which began in Lakeland, FL three months ago and is now spreading all over the world! I pray you too will receive a miracle! May His love and peace and strength surround you today!

Audrey, Tom, David, Samuel, Jordan

on Thursday, June 26th, sings4me@sympatico.ca">Daniela Moore said

Happy Belated Birthday Kate,

I can't imagine how you are doing but know that I am still praying for you and that you will continue to heal in all areas.

Love Daniela

on Friday, June 27th, littlejjkitty@yahoo.ca">Daryl & Jackie said

Thinking of you and praying for you.

Happy belated birthday.

on Monday, June 30th, Niwah Visser said

Happy Belated Birthday Kate!
It was SUCH a blessing for Chris and I to see you a couple of weeks ago! You're amazing Kate! so great to know that you're getting better every day.
We'll continue to pray for you! Hope you've had a fabulous birthday & hope you have a blessed year ahead,
Love & prayers,
Niwah & Chris

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