June 2008

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06/16/2008: "Day 81 (Weekly update)"

As Kate is making progress, particularly with her walking, we are finding that the casual observer is less aware of the very real challenges she is still facing. Having no previous experiences with these sorts injuries I don't think I would have understood how difficult it still could be. Kate's physiotherapy is making progress, however we are still a long way away from reaching the abilities Kate had prior to the accident. I find myself amazed at how many abilities I have taken for granted, but that Kate will have to continue to work very hard at in hopes of regaining.

With each day Kate is making progress, however the reality of it is that she is still facing some very serious problems. Some of those are expected and reoccurring, but others have surprised us. We ask for prayers as we continue on this road. While this is taking longer than any of us would like, we are trying to focus on the positive. Those of you know who know Kate, and are aware of the size of her determination, would not be surprised by the hard work and positive attitude she is pouring into her recovery. We ask for continued prayers in this regard as even the largest steps forward can at times be overshadowed by the challenges ahead.

Today was a special day in that we were able to celebrate Kate's 26th birthday. We are very thankful for all of your prayers, and ask that they continue.

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on Tuesday, June 17th, Monica Bravo-Arruda said

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE! I hope you had an incredible day with your hubby and your family. All the best to you today and always. We all continue to pray for you daily and thinking of you always. I know you are capable of GREAT things...you'll get there...nice and slow, day-by-day!

on Tuesday, June 17th, Dani said

Happy Birthday Kate!

on Tuesday, June 17th, Donna and Anthony said

Happy birthday Kate
Hope you had a wonderful day with Paul and your family. We are still praying and thinking of you every day and again thank you Paul for keeping us upto date.Keep up the great work Kate we know you can do it. Lots of Love xoxoxo

on Tuesday, June 17th, Marie Maragna said

Hi Kate!
Wishing you a fantastic birthday day/week/year!
Hoping you had a wonderful day yesterday with Paul and your families. Wishing you greatness for continued success as you continue on this journey.
Keeping you in thoughts and prayers,
Marie, Kinga, and our families

on Tuesday, June 17th, Wade and Kristy Trenholm said

:)Happy Birthday Kate. It's been a while since we posted a note, but thought it a great time to do so. Hope we are soon able to stop by and see you folks, Paul for the first time. Just wanted to let you know, my home church in Timber River, N.B. are all still praying for your fantastic and amazing recovery. May the Lord richly bless you each day even in the little things. All the best, Wade and Kristy

on Tuesday, June 17th, Corrie said

Hi Kate, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!
We don't actually know eachother but our Moms are good friends. I attend a prayer group 3 times a week at work (odd I know!) and we have been praying for you since we heard your story. We are all so happy to hear of the progress you have made so far and we know that you will continue to heal because God hears all of our prayers and He takes care of His children no matter what!
Stay strong Kate, keep pushing, keep praying and keep getting better! God has big plans for you!!
Be Blessed,

on Friday, June 20th, cynthiaclark@cogeco.ca">Bruce and Cindy Clark said

Happy Birthday Kate!
We hope it has been a great week.
Your progress has been remarkable and we know with your determination and God by your side it will continue.Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a complete recovery. May God's grace and peace surround you today. Love Bruce and Cindy

on Thursday, June 26th, Troy Dango Dango said

Happy Birthday Kate,

The boys cant wait to see ya, they just want to play all day like their Dad.

Miss Ya,
Love Bobo Da Lion, Tiger Neil, Troy & Manisha.

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