June 2008

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06/09/2008: "Day 74 (weekly update)"

Another week has passed, and I feel as though I could copy and paste last week's post. We are continuing along the same path, and Kate is talking to and meeting with more of her friends. Our appointments still continue to take up the majority of our days, but now its mostly therapy instead of follow-up ones.

We were able to attend what would have been Kate's grad last Thursday. It was a bitter-sweet occasion because Kate was so happy for her classmates, but it also served as a reminder of one of the things this accident has taken away. It was a disappointment for Kate to miss graduating with her classmates, however the school has made accommodation's for Kate, and they will allow her to finish her remaining requirements when she is able.

In addition to the grad we have been able to attend a few weddings. While they have been challenging, they have also helped lift Kate's spirits in sharing those experiences with her friends.

We ask that the prayers continue in the physical and emotional healing. Kate is a very determined person, and we are seeing progress, however it is at times overwhelming and determination alone is not enough.

I finish this week's post with a picture of Kate and I that was taken recently. It is our hope that in seeing this you will keep Kate in your prayers.

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on Tuesday, June 10th, Marie said

Kate, Wishing you continued success with everything that the days have to offer. It was great seeing you at grad. You know you have 200+ staff and fellow colleagues by your side daily. You are a teacher and have inspired many of us to spread our wings and show what we have to offer. THANK YOU!
To quote Monica, you are 'HD'!
Paul, thank you for continuing to post updates as difficult as they are for you. It was a pleasure meeting you at grad.
- Marie

on Tuesday, June 10th, Dani said

We are still thinking of you every day and sending strong supportive thoughts during your physio. It is wonderful to see such a lovely picture of you both!

on Friday, June 13th, Author said

A beautiful photo. Praying for your recovery to continue progressing.

on Sunday, June 15th, stargirl@gmail.com">Laura Malloy said

Girl.. you're looking GREAT! I love that smile. Dan and I are always talking about you and Paul - how much we love you.. you're in our prayers, and will continue to be. I'm thankful for your awesome family - I'm sure they are making the recovery process a better one.
LOVE ya!!

on Monday, June 16th, dorothywillis14@googlemail.com">dorothy graham said

Hello Paul and Kate,
So glad to hear of your good progress kate. Its great to be able to keep up to date this way.
you both look really well in the photo.
and last but not least,
Lots of love Willis and Dorothy xoxoxox

on Monday, June 16th, thea said

Happy Birthday Kate!

I know it's not much but check your e-mail. :D

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