June 2008

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06/02/2008: "Day 67 (weekly update)"

Another week, and continuing in the right direction, albeit slowly. The news we keep hearing is that things are progressing very well considering the initial injuries, and that its only been two months. While this is meant to be encouraging news, it is still quite hard to take as it is usually followed by how long it takes for the brain and body to recover.

Physiotherapy is continuing and we are seeing positive progress there. Each visit it seems like something is improving which helps Kate's moral. Please continue to pray for the physical healing that is happening with the help of the physiotherapy. Please also continue to pray for the emotional challenges we are facing. An event as significant as this has far reaching consequences that touch every aspect of one's life. Please pray for strength and healing in every area.

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on Tuesday, June 3rd, mbravo@sympatico.ca">Monica Bravo-Arruda said

We're with you every step of the way, Kate! We continue to pray for your emotional and physical recovery. You're amazing and such a fighter and an inspiration to us all. I don't have to tell you to not quit, because you're not a quitter...reach for that HD!

With you always,

Monica :)

on Tuesday, June 3rd, oliviajoy@sympatico.ca">Audrey Marek said

A complete healing is totally possible, and I, along with my family, continue to pray for the Lord to pour His grace on you both, big time! May He remove the trauma of this event, and wash over You with His awesome love. Peace to you today.

Audrey, Tom, David, Samuel, Jordan Marek

on Tuesday, June 3rd, Lynn Fraser-Sumler said

We are all still in the fight with you Kate! and keep you and your family in our thoughts daily.You are very strong and I know you can and will continue the fight toward a full recovery. You are definatley an inspiration and always a HD in our eyes:) Wishing you daily strength as you take on the challenges to come:) you go girl!


on Wednesday, June 4th, Marie said

Kate, Paul, and family, you are always in our thoughts and prayers. The work you are doing Kate is wonderful. Knowing you are getting stronger with each passing day is wonderful to hear. As Monica and Lynn have said, 'you're HD' - always. Wishing everyone strength and patience as you all continue on this journey. Kate, if you're up to it, we'd love to see you at grad! :)

on Thursday, June 5th, Troy Anthony said

Hi Kate,

Wanting you to know that we are thinking of you. Bobby (Bobo the lion) and Neil (Tiger Neil). They can barely say mumma and dada but I am teaching them how to dance and you have to see them they are a riot.
We miss you.
love T.

on Monday, June 9th, Donna and Anthony said

HI kate and Paul
Just to let you know Anthony and I are still following your progress and we are so happy to hear that you are progressing so well.As I ahve said before I can only imagine what you and your families have had to endure through these times but please know that we think of you every day and pray for a full recovery and I know you can do it Kate especially with Pual by your side.Keep it up,we love you!xoxo

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