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05/26/2008: "Day 60 (weekly update)"

No big updates on the medical front, but small steps of progress in the right direction. Today we met with the general surgeon that performed the life saving operation to remove Kate's spleen. He was throughly amazed at Kate's progress and expressed to us that he did not expect to be talking to her in such great shape this soon after the accident, or at all. We are very thankful that even though the situation did not look promising the medical experts still gave their best effort to save Kate. We are even more thankful that they were successful.

Kate's follow up appointments from the hospital are wrapping up, and with that the therapy is stepping into high gear. Physiotherapy will be one of the main focuses in the next little while as the physical limitations she faces are the most obvious right now. These will be quite tiring as Kate has to rebuild a lot of strength. Please pray for her as she progresses through this stage and the challenges that it will bring. The emotional challenges are as big, if not bigger than the physical ones, so please include those in your prayers as well.

Kate is also back online and can be reached via email at: kate (at) kategraham (dot) ca

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on Tuesday, May 27th, Tracy Crewson said

Hello, Paul and Kate. Please know that we are continuing to pray for you daily. We are still rooting for you as you press forward, and we are praying that you will be sustained and encouraged along the way, especially in the dark moments.
Keep pressing on! We'll keep praying!
The whole Crewson family

on Wednesday, May 28th, Susan Trombley said

I am happy to hear things are progressing.Chris and michelle gave us an update at Josh and Sarah's wedding.Wwe thank the Lord everyday for the strength he has given you to fight your way back Kate, and Paul as you love and support her through the journey. Just Know we continue to hold you both up in prayer.

on Monday, June 2nd, donnaoneill232@hotmail.com">Donna and Anthony said

Hi Paul and Kate
Glad to hear the progress you have been making Kate, we still pray every day fro you both and I know that you can do it.Anthony was so dissapointed he missed you when you were in the branch and the funny thing was that he was just round the corner.But he was glad to hear how well you were doing.Keep it up guys I can't even begin to imagine what you have both been going through.So i will just keep praying and please know that you are in my thoughts every day and if there is anything at all we can do let us know.God bless you both and your families.
lots of love
Donna & Anthony

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