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05/19/2008: "Day 53 (weekly update)"

As mentioned in last week's update we were scheduled to see the dental surgeon this week. The good news is that Kate's wiring was removed, the bad news is that it was a painful process. Thankfully that is behind us, and the last visible device has been removed. Kate also went to physio last week and learned a bit about what to expect (she'll need to work hard).

Looking forward our prayer requests are that Kate continues the progress we have been seeing in her recovery. Each little step gets us closer to "normal" and the small victories are important for morale. Some days are better than others, but that is to be expected and the overall progress is in the right direction. Kate is starting to make contact with some friends and family which has been excellent but tiring for her. Kate is so thankful for the contact people have been making, and appreciates all the care and concern people have been showing her. The challenges she is facing are many, but are more manageable knowing that so many people are praying for her.

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on Monday, May 19th, lara_moggs@hotmail.com">Lara Mogford said

It's all smiles now lady! Kate, you love a challenge to sink your teeth into! I have no doubt that this one will be hard but you are High Distinction! Hope to talk to you soon! xoxoxo

on Tuesday, May 20th, Dani said

It is awesome to hear about the progress you are making Kate. Hopefully now it is easier to show of that smile!

on Tuesday, May 20th, wallace_shona@hotmail.com">Shona Wallace said

Just wanted to let you know that you both are not far from my thoughts and prayers. I know Kate will continue to commit herself to continued improvement, and while the road will not be easy, your determination will shine through. Blessings to you both


on Thursday, May 22nd, elshaddaisusan@hotmail.com">Susan Hawkins said

Hey paul, Thanks for continuing to keep us all updated. It definately helps to pray specifically and I believe in a G-d that does miracles and everyday I read of a G-d that still does miracles!! AWESOME!! Kate sooo proud of you. Keep fighting and getting stronger!! So awesome to see how you progress week to week.
Would love to catch up with you one of these days when you are sooo much better!!

Much love and prayers


on Friday, May 23rd, melissa_perera@hotmail.com">Melissa said

It is so wonderful to hear that everyday you are getting stronger Kate! We're all rooting for you and are keeping you in our prayers! xo

on Saturday, May 24th, Author said

Glad to hear kate continues to heal and progress. :)

on Monday, May 26th, kimkirkwood@cogeco.ca">Kim and John Kirkwood said

Hi Kate and Paul,
It was wonderful to see you yesterday. You are never very far from our thoughts and prayers.

on Monday, May 26th, erinmonett@muskoka.com">Erin Monett said

I keep refreshing the page so that I can see different pics & Kate's gorgeous face over and over. I am still praying for you guys.

Lots of love,


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