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05/12/2008: "Day 46 (weekly update)"

The first week back home is behind us, and things are rolling along. We had a number of appointments last week, mostly just to follow up on the hospital treatment, with one big exception. Last Wednesday Kate had her cast removed and the x-ray showed that she didn't need to get a new one. This was fantastic news, except that now Kate is relearning how to walk (again). She is recovering well, but having a cast on for 6 weeks creates its own challenges in addition to the others she already has. All the other follow-up appointments have been uneventful, which is great news, and an answer to prayer.

We continue along the road, knocking off the follow-up appointments and setting up the next steps of the treatment. Please continue to pray for Kate in her recovery and the challenges it is presenting. A specific area to consider is her mobility and ability to walk without assistance. In addition this week Kate will be seeing the surgeon that worked on her jaw. We are hoping that the wiring is ready to be removed, as this will make Kate more comfortable. Thank you for your continued prayers.

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on Saturday, May 17th, Scott and Wandalyn Macfarlane said

We continue to pray for you daily in our family morning devotions. We trust the Lord will be really close to you in the days ahead as you both heal from this accident. "I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee." Heb.13:5


There is no friend like the Lord
He has promised to never leave nor forsake
He is never too busy or distracted
He will in every situation partake

He holds the world in His hands
And knows each step that I take
He loves me and guides me each day
No matter the mistakes that I make

He leads me by still waters
To teach me right paths for His sake
In the high mountain top or the valley below
He will never fail, leave, nor forsake.

W. E. Macfarlane

on Saturday, May 17th, svoskamp@hotmail.com">Sean Voskamp said

Hi Paul,

Itís been quite a number of years since we spoke last and Iím still having trouble with what I have been reading. I havenít met Kate but knowing you Iím sure sheís a special lady.

Rhondaís and my thoughts go out to you. The more I read the more good news I see and I know your strength will see the both of you through. If there's anything I can do, let me know.

Sean Voskamp

on Sunday, May 18th, dvboreland@aol.com">Dale and Virginia Boreland said

It was so very good to hear that you were at church today!! Praise God!!

Please know that we are continuing to pray everyday for your recovery Kate.

Thanks for continuing to update us on how things are going Paul.

Dale and Virginia

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