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05/12/2008: "Partner for Life"

A note regarding a blood drive Kate's classmates have organized in Kate's honour. This week's update will come later this evening.

On March 27th at 10:15pm my wife was in a head-on car accident that was caused by a drunk driver. She sustained a number of life threatening injuries that required emergency surgeries and procedures to save her life. One of the major contributors to her survival was the use of blood, platelets and fresh plasma that were given to her by the trauma team. Those blood products were donated by volunteers through Canada Blood Services.

We are all aware of the need for blood donors, however sometimes it takes circumstances like this to make us fully aware how important your donation can be. The simple fact is that if people did not donate their blood I would not have my wife today.

Kate's classmates at Charles Sturt University, where she was attending Teacher's college, have organized a blood drive in honour of Kate. I will be donating blood as part of that blood drive and I am encourage others to donate.

Many of people reading this may have never donated blood, and some may very good reasons for that. I am asking that if you have chosen not to in the past that you reconsider your reasons and think about how donating could help someone else like Kate who requires your donation to live.

Kate's classmates will be donating at the Burlington clinic (at Brant and the QEW) over the next couple days, however you can donate at any Canada Blood Services location. You can call 1-888-2-donate or go online at www.blood.ca to arrange an appointment at a location near you.

Canada blood services has a program called "Partners for Life" that allows you to have your donation counted in someone's honour. If you would like to donate in Kate's honour you can sign up online here. Kate's Partner For Life ID# is INSU009157, partner name is "In Support of Kate Graham". If you go to a clinic and would like to donate in her honour, please mention it when you sign up and they can provide you with the appropriate information.

I would like to say thanks in advance to everybody who donates, and especially those who donate in Kate's honour. It is very meaningful to us that people would give of themselves in this selfless way.

Replies: 3 Comments

on Tuesday, May 13th, Thea said

Hey, Nikolas and I went down to the Blood Services clinic today, but they wouldn't let us donate since we were in Korea less than a year ago. Sorry! we tried!

on Wednesday, May 14th, Cheryl Stipic said

Hey guys, just checking in to see how you're doin. still found myself checking a couple days... becomes a habit. keep on kickin butt Katie.

on Wednesday, May 14th, christiaan@thevanders.ca">Christiaan said

I've been organizing a blood drive and I've got 14 people coming out on May 26th!

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