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05/05/2008: "Day 39"

Today is the last of the daily updates, and the first of the weekly ones. I'm not sure how this is going to work out, so we'll have to see how it goes.

This week we have a number of follow up appointments with some of the various doctors that treated Kate while she was at Hamilton General. We are praying that everything will be routine check-ups and that no further intervention would be required for Kate's recovery. One appointment in particular is to do with Kate's cast and what further treatment will be required for her broken leg. They will be removing her current cast and upon taking an x-ray will be determining if she needs another cast, and if so what type. The current cast is affecting Kate's mobility and balance, so we are praying that whatever is needed will also allow Kate to get around easier.

Please pray for these appointments as well the adjustments that we are all making as our situation changes. We had been running on adrenaline since the accident, and the reality of the situation and the consequences are beginning to set in. We have been really appreciative of your prayers so far, and we ask that they continue as we move forward as we need them now more than ever.

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on Tuesday, May 6th, me@cogeco.ca">Auntie Margaret said

I hope as you celebrate that cast coming off (even if it is replaced )that you too can celebrate Paul's birthday .Have a very happy birthday on the 7th .Kate as you said you can give him the cast as a gift and I bet he will make a masterpiece out of it .Love you guys xxoo

on Thursday, May 8th, Jess said

you guys don't know me but I am a friend of Sara Hunter's. I have been following this since she posted about it on Facebook. You are in our prayers every night and my little girl has learned to say 'bless Kate' each and every night when we are doing prayers. I hope you continue to recover as quickly as God allows. Kate, you are a 'walking' proof that there truly is a God. I am thankful each and everyday that God allowed me to 'peek' into your life and be blessed enough to pray for such an amazing Christian family.

God bless

on Monday, May 12th, Denise Hildebrandt said

I continue to pray for you all. I have a bit of an understanding of how difficult emotional healing can be. The physical wounds are a huge thing to overcome, but easier to watch and understand. Let Kate know that noone expects her to be the bubbling bride she was on her wedding day, but that she is loved by so many people, and that we will be happy to come alongside her when she is ready. And Paul, I am so proud of you for being so supportive and brave. You've come a long way from the adorable kid I used to chill around the campfire with, but I always knew there was a deep-rootedness with you, and this experience has proved that to everyone.

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