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05/03/2008: "Day 37"

Our first full day at home, and an exhausting one at that. Kate is so glad to be home, but all this change is proving to be exhausting. We have been reflecting a lot on the past month and the various experiences we have had. It is so clear how our prayers have been answered at each difficult stage and that is why we are asking that they continue. Kate is working on building her strength as her body continues to heal, and is finding this quite tiring. Her mum's cooking is helping lot, both physically and emotionally, but even that won't make everything better fast enough.

I think I have decided on Monday to be the day that I will switch over to a weekly posting. I won't be planning on posting anything between Monday's unless something specific comes up. Please keep Kate in your prayers even though there won't be daily postings. Thank you again for all the prayers, they are still very needed.

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on Sunday, May 4th, Kathy Brockwell said

Praise the Lord for He is mighty to save. I heard about the accident through a friend and have been following Kate's progress. Thank you for letting others look in and see what God can do. I will continue to pray for you both.

on Sunday, May 4th, farida_miller@hotmail.com">John,Farida,Rich,Will and Sarah said

We contiue to keep Kate, you and her family in our prayers..We are so happy to hear that Kate is now home.We thank God that Kate can do all things through Christ who gives her the strength and Jesus is the Lord who is healing Kate and Life is in Kate because greater is He that is in Kate than he that is in the world. Our lord is with all of you as you go through this together as one body in Christ Jesus.He promises to never leave nor forsake you. We are so very thankful he is with you every step of the way as you go through this recovery process one step at a time..PRAISE GOD!!! We continue believeing for complete healing and resoration for Kate.. God Bless!!!
Love John, Farida, Rich Will and Sarah Miller

on Sunday, May 4th, haroldseidenberg@hotmail.com">Ann & Harold Seidenberg said

Praise God, We are daily in prayer for Kate's continuing recovery. The Grade 2 class at Oakville Christian School has prayed daily for Kate since her accident, and I have been keeping the children posted. It is wonderful as they are seeing their prayers answered by our faithful Lord.

After you have suffered a little while, the Lord, himself will restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast. 1 Peter 5:10

Love and Prayers,
Ann & Harold Seidenberg

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