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04/30/2008: "Day 34"

Some more big news today... Kate will be coming home soon. Today Kate met with all the members of the team at the rehab facility, and was thrilled to find out that they planned to discharge her Friday. Of course, she would have preferred to have been home all week, but such it is. We are so happy that Kate will be coming home, mostly because it means she is doing so well with her recovery. Today she did some more demanding physio workouts that actually tired her out, and had some practice on a balancing machine.

So, the next obvious question is about when people can come and see Kate. The short answer is: Not Yet. This whole process has been very emotionally draining for us, and especially Kate. For now she is going to focus on her recovery, and that means getting home and spending some time with her immediate family and figuring out what happened in the last month and what is ahead. Going forward we have a huge list of follow-up appointments and will start into a regular physio routine that will take a lot of Kate's time and energy. Kate has already talked about how she would like to have some sort of gathering for people to come and see her, but she wants to wait until she is physically and mentally ready to see everybody. This might be some time from now, and we ask for your continued patience in this area. It is a lot to take in emotionally when the doctors are telling you that your recovery is miraculous, so it will take some time to process that before she starts hearing that from everybody else. We are very thankful for all the notes, cards, letters, comments and emails telling us that you are praying for Kate and when she is ready she will thank you in person. Thank you for your patience.

That said, getting home is only the start of the battle. The road ahead is expected to be a long one with lots of questions and struggles. We are unsure exactly what to expect, but we know that Kate will not rest until she is able to get back to the life she had before the accident. Please pray for her as she continues on the road to recovery and has to deal with all the challenges along the way. Please also pray for our families and I as we travel that road with her.

Finally, while I feel that this website has been a great tool for communication in the last month, I also feel that the time for daily postings is coming to an end. I will likely post a few more entries and then move to a weekly posting. We still would like to keep people informed so that they can pray for Kate, but I also feel that the types of things we will be working through will not be changing fast enough to require daily postings. I will be sure to give warning because I know some people have made a habit of checking this daily.

Replies: 5 Comments

on Thursday, May 1st, Dani said

That is fantastic news Kate and Paul! Being at home will certainly help you to feel more comfortable.

We all completely understand about the updates. The most important thing is the time you spend with Kate. Thank you so much for your dedication to posting over the last month, I am sure it was not easy but the updates were much appreciated.

Lots of love and support going forward,

on Thursday, May 1st, jaytetley@msn.com">Jay Tetley said

Hi Paul,

I have appreciated so much your updates about Kate's progress. It is definately great news that she will be coming home. We will keep both you and kate in our prayers. We wish you all the best going forward.

Jay and Iz

on Thursday, May 1st, winger@sympatico.ca">anna said

My name is Anna.
I am a nurse.
I have been so blessed to read this story. I don't know you guys but I have been so amazed to see Jesus shinning out thru your lives. What amazing grace and gratitude. What amazing forgiveness. What amazing courage and strength. I am sitting here crying as I write this because I have been so touched by this storyand your lives. I pray that you guys will experience full healing and I will keep praying for you.
Thank you so much for being willing to share.

on Thursday, May 1st, cynthiaclark@cogeco.ca">Bruce and Cindy said

This is such awesome news! We are so thankful to hear Kate is going home.
Paul, your daily updates have been so appreciated and we have been touched by your strength and courage. You and Kate make a great team. We will continue to pray each day for a full recovery for Kate and for God to give you continued strength as you travel towards complete healing.
Love Bruce and Cindy

on Friday, May 2nd, sarah__d@hotmail.com">Sarah said

This is great news!! Thank you for all your updates Paul, I have been reading daily. Keep strong Kate! We miss you here in Sudbury.

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