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04/29/2008: "Day 33"

Day 2 at the rehab facility and Kate is continuing to show improvements beyond what is normally seen. Perhaps it is because she's motivated to get home, but its really quite amazing how much she's improved even from the end of last week. Now it seems that the biggest challenge is the cast on her right leg. We're getting that looked at next week, so for now it will be something we have to live with. She is getting around great with her walker, and is doing so with a lot more confidence.

Our prayers now include the plans for Kate's discharge, as well as her emotional state until that happens. Kate has been doing very well physically and mentally, and as a result has a great desire to get home. It would appear that she is at or approaching the levels for discharge, so she is getting quite anxious to get home. Please pray for everyone involved in those decisions, as well as Kate and the family.

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on Wednesday, April 30th, Dani said

We are all rooting for a quick stay at this facility, and a happy trip home!

on Wednesday, April 30th, Susan Trombley said

Well it doesn't surprise me that you defy what is normal at the rehab center Kate. One day at a time , going home sounds like it won't be that far around the corner. It would have been great to have seen you take that walker for a whirl around the dance floor at Josh's wedding , but we are so glad you are improving everyday. We look forward to the time we will see your smiling face. Hopefully before Charles leaves Petawawa for Afghanistan he will have a chance to visit with you and the family. God Bless and all our love to you ,Paul and the family

on Thursday, May 1st, Anthony and Donna said

So happy to hear the news that you are going home.we will keep praying for you kate and hope that your life gets back to normal soon.You are a very special person and that's why we knew you would make it in fact Anthony said the first day we heardthe news "its Kate Mum she will be just fine I know she will".Thank you Paul for all the updates you are a wonderful husband.We look forward to hearing your progress and roll on the day we get to see you both.Take care and god bless!we'll be praying and thinking of you every day.xoxoxoox

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