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04/27/2008: "Day 31"

Its hard to believe a full month. We are so happy to leave the hospital, and with it start to distance ourselves from the events that happened on that night. I can't even begin to describe what it was like to be driven to the hospital by the police and be told progressively worse details about my wife's condition. Somehow none of the things I was being told were really registering, but looking back I can see how everybody we interacted with was trying to prepare us for the worst.

Even now that we understand what they were telling us we forget how it was. This afternoon we had a glimpse of how things once looked. Kate, her mum and I went back to the ICU to see if any other nurses were there that looked after Kate. We saw a name on the board that we recognized, and had someone go and get her. When the nurse saw Kate and when she realized who it was she burst into tears. She was utterly amazed to be talking to Kate and seeing her doing so well (talking, making sense and sitting upright). This nurse had been there near the beginning as well as when Kate had started talking. She was so thankful that we had taken the time to come down and visit, and insisted that we return when Kate is able to walk in and see people. We will make an effort to come back as we are so thankful for their work, and how much care they put in even when things didn't look promising.

First thing tomorrow morning Kate and I will be leaving Hamilton General in an patient transfer ambulance to go to her rehab facility. Our families and I will be leaving behind a lot of memories. Thankfully Kate only remembers the last 11 days of her hospital stay. While some people remember hospitals for negative things, I see it as the place I started to get my wife back, slowly, day by day. We can't speculate what the future may hold, but right now it seems to have a lot more in store for Kate and I then it did a month ago. Thank you to everybody who has been with us praying diligently for Kate. While the progress has been significant, there is still a long way to go. Kate keeps telling me that I'm giving people the wrong impression about how well she's doing and they'll misunderstand and think that she's 100%. To be clear, there is a long road ahead of us, and its not an easy or short one. Please continue to pray for Kate and the rest of the family as we travel that road.

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on Monday, April 28th, Dani said

We are so happy to have you with us Kate, and we will all be with you every step of your recovery. All the best for your move today!

on Monday, April 28th, sings4me@sympatico.ca">Daniela Moore said

I am so happy to hear about the next stage of recovery you are entering into. I pray that as God cotinues to heal the seen and unseen in your body, He will use you and your entire family to be a witness of His TRUTH and FAITHFULNESS. I will continue to pray for both you and Paul on this journey ahead and look forward to the day when we can get together.


on Monday, April 28th, minkeswim@gmail.com">Andrea Ford said

Kate & Paul,
I think about you both each day. I am encouraged by the progress you've made so far and will continue to pray for you while you travel down this road to recovery. I'm sorry I haven't written yet, but will do so shortly. I hope that your move to the rehab facility goes well today.

on Monday, April 28th, crewson@295.ca">Tracy Crewson said

We want you to know that we are rejoicing in the steps so far, but that we are continuing to pray consistently for the progress that is yet to be made - especially today in the unknowns of a new start and the days ahead.
Congratulations to Doug and Claire on their baby girl. That is wonderful news.
"In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. These have come so that your faith - of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire - may be proved genuine and may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed." 1Peter 1:6,7
Steve, Tracy, Morgan, Kaela and Micah Crewson

on Monday, April 28th, Cheryl Stipic said

As I read the posts every day I am reminded of just how fragile life can be. You are both an inspiration to me, beyond what my words can describe.

We celebrated Lexie's first communion this weekend and as I sat in church all I could think of was how He protected you both and is keeping you strong enough to pull through each step that faces you. I prayed for your continuing progress. I thanked Him for how far you've come already and i prayed that my girls grow up as deserving as you are of His love and protection.

I am very excited for you both and I am also excited for Doug and Claire and would like to congratulate you on becoming an Aunty and Uncle again.

Lots of love from the Stipic Family

on Monday, April 28th, Barb Fuller said

I just heard of your distressing news, and I am praying for a continued recovery. Kate, it has been a very long time since I have seen you, and I still remember your good humour and beautiful smile. I pray for you Paul too, and all the family. With much love to you Kate, Doug, Chris and Joe and of course Margaret....My heart and prayers are with you....Barb

on Monday, April 28th, jlssshunter@gmail.com">Lois Hunter said

Hi Kate and Paul...Paul you are doing such an amazing job of recording each day...I believe you will be so thankful some day of this diligence...Kate I am so thankful to Papa that He let us keep you for a while longer...we miss you but are asking Him to be so close to you that you can feel His loving touch and care for you every day...bless you both and your relationship as it grows...xoxox

on Monday, April 28th, ahintneach@verizon.net">Dear Kate & Paul said

I am so glad to hear you are off to the rehab facility today. Your progress certainly has been a answer to alot of prayers and we will all continue to pray for your recovery.
Remember, just focus on one day at a time and you'll cope easier.
All Our Love & Prayers
Aunt Anne & Uncle JImmy

on Monday, April 28th, Lara Mogford said

Lady! Way to go! I am so excited for all of you. This is a new beginning for all of you to start making memories that are filled with laughter, happiness, hope, progress and Kate getting back to being herself. Although there is a long road ahead for Kate's recovery, you will be walking side by side together through this new journey. Kate Lady, Congratulations, you are such an inspiration.
Miss you and prayers for you and your family!

Lara xoxox

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