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04/26/2008: "Day 30"

As with yesterday, today was a fairly uneventful day. The novelty of staying in a hospital for a month is definately wearing off, and we're itching to get out the door.

Tonight Kate and I took another trip down to the ICU to look around. Last night I wheeled Kate there to show her the waiting room we had virtually lived out of for two weeks. Tonight we went inside ICU east where Kate had been to say hi. One of the nurses that had been with Kate early on was there and had a nice little chat. The nurse was really happy to see Kate and how she was coming along. Most of the time the ICU nurses don't see the patients after they leave, so she really appreciated it. It was a nice experience for Kate, and Kate loved it when she heard that this nurse was the one who first washed Kate's hair and put it into a nice braid. We are so thankful for the people working in the ICU, so it has been nice to tell them personally.

Tomorrow will be Kate's last full day at the hospital, then it is off to the rehab facility for an unknown period of time. We ask that you pray for this transition time and the uncertanty of what is to come.

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on Sunday, April 27th, oliviajoy@sympatico.ca">Audrey Marek said

I just wanted to share that as I was praying for you this morning, I sensed the Lord saying that there is, and will be, a VAST supply of grace available to you and Kate as you continue on this journey. Draw from it whenever you need it. Also, there is a river of healing flowing from the throne, from His nail scarred Hands. I am believing for full restoration for you, Kate! God is doing amazing things in the area of healing in these days! May you know His presence and peace today.

Love, Audrey

on Sunday, April 27th, dvboreland@aol.com">Virginia and Dale said

Wonderful news! We are continuing to pray for your complete and total recovery Kate!

Thanks you Paul for updating this page so that we know how best to pray for you all.

God Bless and keep trusting Him.

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